Our offer

“Change control on your machine tool – the best way
to increase availability and production
in almost any machine.”

In CS-Lab offer you will find complete, professional and inexpensive products used in automation industry, including:

  • CNC motion controllers (CSMIO family)
  • Expansion  modules (CSMIO family)
  • Digital Multiaxis Readout Systems (for lathes, milling machines: exclusive distributor K+C Maschinen & Komponenten)
  • Brushless Servo Drives (simDrive family)
  • Servo Motors (CSM series)
  • and more…

The company also implements individual projects based on a customer’s requirements (from scratch – designing, software development- development of manufacturing technology – delivery of finished and carefully tested devices to the customer).
CS-Lab main line of products is CSMIO series – controllers and expansion modules based on MACH3 software. The products were made to be professional but lowcost solution. Controllers with the same capabilities as the CSMIO/IP-S  on the market may cost even several times more.

CS-Lab products are more and more popular in European countries, North and South America, or Asia because they base on advanced technologies and professional solutions and compete on price with similar products available on the market.
More and more machine manufacturers around the world equip their machines with CSMIO control system as they see no reason to spend much money on very expensive equipment.
If you are a CNC machine manufacturer or maybe you retrofit some old machines – please contact us and we will prepare special offer for you!
Please vistit FAQ section where you will find answers for frequently asked questions and overview of issues and concerns, which you often faced with. If you want to know more about our products and services –  we are always willing to answer your questions.

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