If you suspect you are having interference noise, the first thing is to determine which element is affected and how the noise gets to it.





The network cable should not run too close to a plasma generator or its wires. To determine whether the issue is network transmission disturbance, you should watch the trajectory buffer level.

2. PC

PC interference is rare, but it happens. The noise goes through a 230V power supply to the inside of the computer, and it freezes temporarily or permanently.


In extreme conditions, a motion controller may be disturbed due to non-optoisolated signals of a plasma generator. Mainly the 0-10V analog signal. In case of strong interference, the controller may restart. It’s indicated by LEDs on its front panel.

You should not use CSMIO/IP controllers as well as other third-party motion controllers for huge plasma generators with not very sophisticated control systems of their power output. There should be specialized controllers using fiber optic solutions implemented instead.

In case of large, good-quality plasma generators, this problem does not exist because manufacturers take care of a low level of interference. Unfortunately, such generators are expensive, and not everyone can afford them.