Many users very often need much longer manual handwheel cable than originally provided. Their first idea is to extend the multi-wire cable of a handwheel. It’s a very bad idea as extending the cable is time-consuming and requires special caution and care making new connections. Moreover, the extended cable is much more exposed to interference what may cause uncontrolled moves of a machine when using the handwheel. The best solution in this thought situation is to extend a CAN bus and not the handwheel cable. 

In this situation, a CSMIO-MPG module should be installed as close to an operator as so the handwheel cable length is enough for you. Connect a CSMIO/IP controller and the CSMIO-MPG module with CAN bus extension cord. Below we present the diagram of CAN bus extension cord for CSMIO/IP-S controller and CSMIO-MPG module but it can be used with all CAMIO/IP controllers and CSMIO modules. 

  Open the PDF file for larger drawing details

[Source:] The diagram was created by CS-Lab’s Technical Support section for CSMIO/IP users.



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