CS-LAB s.c. Janusz Wawak, Andrzej Rogożyński, Szymon Paprocki
NIP: PL9532539069; REGON: 340268216
Wojska Polskiego 65a street 
85-825 Bydgoszcz City

1. Conditions and terms of services

  1. CS-Lab Company is a manufacturer and seller of products for automation industry. CS-Lab also offers automation services (industry, building automation) including designing and manufacturing on individual customer’s request.
  2. Orders can be made by e-mail or via CS-Lab online shop form. To get more information about the products, individual realization etc. the customer can contact with the company by phoning on +48/523747434 or writing an email:
  3. The customer can be any legal person and any adult natural person.
  4. To place an order electronically the customer needs to have access to a computer with web browser, Internet access and any email account.

2. Conclusion and termination of contract

  1. The contract with customer is concluded when he receives confirmation of acknowledgement of order by an e-mail from CS-Lab worker or automatic message from the CS-Lab online shop. That confirmation includes quantity of products, prices of all ordered items, customer’s total cost, payment conditions,
    order proceeding time and delivery time. Order proceeding starts: for orders paid by bank transfer – after receiving the payment.
  2. Before purchasing the customer will be informed about proceeding and delivery time, if there is a lack of requested product, shipping costs. For CS-Lab online shop purchases the leading time is up to 10 business days and up to 14 business days for other manufacturer products. However we try to send the goods as soon as possible.
  3. The customer receives an invoice for his order as a purchase confirmation document.
  4. The customer has right to cancel the contract by writing within 10 days without giving any reason. In this case the customer is obliged to return the purchased goods within 14 days. The cost of returning the goods are paid by the customer.
    Returned goods need to be complete, packed in a safe manner in the original box, they cannot bear traces of use.

3. Warranty support and returns assistance

  1. CS-Lab products have 24 month warranty. Others products warranty time will be specified in their description.
  2. The customer should inform CS-Lab Company immediately if he has found damage or defect and should describe it. The Company will inform the customer about further proceeding within 14 days.

4. Privacy

  1. All customers data will be used by CS-Lab for purpose of order proceeding. Automatically gathered data can be used for analyses of users behavior, demographic information or for personalization of our www sites content.

5. Other

  1. The parties will endeavor to amicably resolve all questions, disputes or differences which arise between them.


Due to the General Data Protection Regulation please read below how do we process your personal data and what are your rights.
CS-Lab s.c. Poland administers and processes your personal data as we provide online sale (online store at www.cs-lab.eu, e-mail sale). We got your personal data directly from you as you have entered it into a CS-Lab online store form or you have sent it to us by e-mail.
To get more information about your personal data processing, to exercise the right to be forgotten and the right to assist in data deletion just contact us: CS-Lab s.c., Wojska Polskiego 65A, 85-825 Bydgoszcz, office@cs-lab.eu, +48 52 374 74 34.
We process your personal data to execute sales and contract process to you, to provide requested offers on products and services, to deliver our goods to you in accordance with agreements we made, to provide support of our products and services, to improve and develop the quality, functionality and user experience of our products and services, to contact with you with your permission by e-mail or telephone and finally to process orders, invoicing, payments and other financial follow-up.