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A very dead CsmIO

Hello boys and girls,

I have a CSMIO ip/A. Very nicely packaged unit seems to be good quality. I plan to use it on my DECKEL FP3NC.

Unfortunately there appears to be some disconnection in my brain or in the hardware. Logic inouts and outputs work fine,

the encoder inouts work fine. But servo analog out is fixed at -10.45V, the analog outputs(for spindle speed) does not react always

0V.  In diagnostic window no analog inputs, always 0V. The outputs can't be manipulated.

The hardware and the SimCNC connects what I can understand.



I did tests with simCNC 3.422 software and CSMIO/IP-A controller.
The tests showed no problem with the 0-10V outputs and inputs and no problem with the +/-10V outputs.

However, there is a customer who has a problem with CSMIO/IP-A.
Based on his report and our assumptions, he may have problems with properly operating the +/-10V analog outputs.
At the moment I have no information whether this problem is identical to yours.
This customer claims the issue appeared after simCNC was updated to version 3.422.
Our developers will be looking for possible causes of the problem in the software tomorrow morning.

I would like you to answer a few questions and run a test:
1) Are all +/-10V analog outputs -10.45V or close to it?
2) Does the -10.45V voltage appear right after turning on the power of the CSMIO/IP-A controller or only after switching simCNC to the "ENABLE" state
3) Does the -10.45V voltage also appear when you use a clean new simCNC profile?
4) As a test, I would like you to install simCNC version 3.421 and let me know if the problem has disappeared.
Download simCNC 3.421 from this link




Hi Wojtek,

After power up no simCNC activated all outs are in range of -0.1-0V.

After start of simCNC 

x -10.45V

y -10.45V

z 0v

a -10.45V

b 0v

c -0.15V

X Y Z and A are enbled in Axis   Configuration

3) Yes

4) Windows thinks it is infested with virus and refuses me to run the installer.








Thank you for your time.

Based on your test, I can conclude that the +/-10V analog outputs are not damaged.
This is evidenced by the fact that after switching on the power supply, the voltage on the analog outputs is close to 0V.

I would like you to run one more short test:
Step 1 Disconnect the DB25 wires of the encoder inputs from the CSMIO/IP-A controller
Step 2 Power on the CSMIO/IP-A controller and start the simCNC software.
Step 3 Set the following parameters to 0, do it for all MotionKits:


Step 4 Switch simCNC to "Enable" state

Step 5 Measure the voltage on the +/-10V analog outputs.

The test checks if the 10.45V voltage is not a result of the PID controller.

The problem has been solved, we have released the corrected version of simCNC 3.423.
Please update it.

The problem was caused by updating a compiler that serves for controllers' firmware.
The compiler update made invisible changes in the controller's firmware, which caused an error in the calibration of analog outputs.

We thank you for the tests you did, which proved to be helpful to us, and we apologize for the time lost.





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