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Paramètres drive Delta/Csmio ips

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Why are you interested in B3 drives when you want to buy A2 drives

>> when I look at your diagrams, I notice that you do not use the same inputs to connect Delta A2 as on Delta B3; for the first one you use H SIGN, H PULSE and for the second SIGN, PULSE.

As you can see in the Delta A2 and B3 drive manuals, both my schematics use fast inputs (4Mhz).
For what reason the manufacturer changed the naming, I don't know, and frankly, the manufacturer is not obliged to keep naming consistency between the manuals.
My only guess is that they did it to simplify the naming because the A2 delta drive has fast and slow step/dir inputs, and the B3 drive only has fast inputs.

>> Which parameter and which parameter number to set corresponds to this change in the DELTA servo.

You will find the answer in the manual of the B2 and A2 drives in the chapter "6.2 Position Control Mode"
The B3 drive only has fast inputs, so it has no such parameter.

>> Why the difference, speed, precision? H Pulse does not exist on B2?

Refer to the A2 and B2 drive manuals, chapter “Wiring Diagrams of I/O Signals (CN1),” and you will see that you are wrong.

>> In fact, apart from the pid and gear, what are the other parameters to be set so that the CSMIO card communicates correctly with the ASD-A2M servo.

As I answered before - you have to:
- put the Delata drive in position mode
- configure the speed and position PID loop
- configure the electronic gear for an encoder output so that the output generates 2000 pulses per revolution.
This is required for the correct operation of homing using the index signal (the length of the index pulse is extended so that the controller can easily notice it).

I would add to the list that you set the electronic gear for the step/dir input.
The point here is that you need to reduce the number of step/dir pulses per revolution of the servo motor shaft to about 40,000 pulses.
This is required so as not to exceed the maximum frequency of the step/dir input (usually 3Mhz is the maximum for Delta drives)
More on this in the "Electronic Gear Ratio" chapter.

Regarding inputs and digital inputs, it always uses default settings.

I thank you for your answers; in fact you know I use a French to English translator and often the sentences don't mean exactly what we want.
My questions are only made to understand better, I am a carpenter and all this is difficult; especially when as in this case Delta.
I think that your answers will also help others.
I also contacted the Delta support, no answer, that's why I want to be sure of each thing and especially to understand well before launching me in this adventure.
Thank you again for your patience


You can post simultaneously in English and French.
Sometimes it's easier to translate directly from French.

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