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simCNC feature ideas

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>Could it be possible to execute simple arithmetic  in the axis readouts?
It is great when setting up a job: edge find one side, set axis to zero, edge find other side of the part and type /2 in the axis readout and now zero is middle of part.

You can achieve this functionality yourself by writing a macro. Below you will find a macro for finding the center of a hole. In fact, it is close to what you need. Take a look at it.

Measurement group.zip


>>The pause button behavior caught me by surprise, I pressed pause and my instinct to resume was to press play (this comes from feed hold and cycle start on commercial controls)

In the case of our software, it is different and this is due to the internal structure of simCNC.

>>but when I pressed play the code wanted to start over

It is impossible.

Pressing the "Start" button when simCNC is in "Pause" mode is ignored and only results in displaying the warning:

>>It would be nice if the pause/ feedhold button did only that and if the play/ cycle start button did only that.
then there is never any ambiguity.  (maybe i can edit this myself? hints are welcome)

It is possible, just place the above macros under the Start and Pause buttons. Launch the GUI editor, click the Start button and change the settings as below. Repeat the same for the Pause button.

The disadvantage of this solution is that when resuming gcode from any line, you will never see the "Start trajectory configuration" window again. Therefore, you must set the options found in this window before making any changes.

>>when running a very large piece of g code I experienced a long pause at the beginning of the code and again at the end of the code, I understand the code may need to load/ buffer etc, it would be useful to know that is processing/ loading etc. its a bit scary when the machine motion is stopped and you have no way to anticipate when it will move again.

Isn't this a spindle ramp issue?

If not, please send me:

  • a video showing this problem with the "Diagnostic/Actions table" window open
  • gcode
  • simCNC profile exported to a file (go to "Configuration" / "Change Profile", then click once on your profile name and select "Export")




sorry for not replying sooner, i have not had any time with the machine.

I cannot access any of these files:

               You can achieve this functionality yourself by writing a macro.

               In the attachment, you will find a macro to look for the center of the hole.

               It is close to what you need.

               Please take a look at it.







  It's impossible.

                 Pressing the "Start" button when simCNC is in "Pause" mode is ignored and results only in a warning:

you are correct, I panicked and did not read correctly .

 Isn't it a spindle ramp issue?

                    If not, send me to support@cs-lab.eu:

                         - video showing this issue with the "Diagnostic/Actions table" window open

                         -  gcod

                        - simCNC profile exported to a file (go to "Configuration" / "Change Profile," then click on your profile name once and                                                                select  "Export").

i have not forgotten when i next get time I will try and repeat same issue.

Try now

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