CSMIO-MPG is a MPG (JOG) support module for manual axis operation. It is equipped with 3 digital multiplier inputs (x1 x10 x100), 6 controlled axis choice inputs, 2 independent inputs, 2 independent outputs, 3 analog inputs to connect rotary encoder, spindle speed correction and STOP input and output. The module can be connected only to the CSMIO controller. This item includes CSMIO-MPG Module with the Handheld Rotary encoder.
The CSMIO-MPG product allows to extend 6-axis CSMIO/IP controller with manual pulse generation – MPG function. The device is manufactured as an outside module designed to connect it to the controller via Can bus.
By using the manual pulse generator it is possible to control maximum 6 axes precisely with no need to control using Mach3 program. Machine operator can watch machine’s work and control it at the same time.

Like the CSMIO/IP the CSMIO-MPG requires standard industrial 24V power supply voltage. Digital inputs and outputs are inside optically isolated and filtered. All is closed in a compact cover mounted on a DIN-rail, what makes that the mechanical and electronic installation in the control cabinet takes less time and is even simpler.

The manual pulse generation module is equipped with 3 digital inputs of multiplier selection (x1, x10, x100), 6 digital inputs of controlled axis selection, 1 digital input for general purposes, 2 analog inputs, 2 digital outputs for general purposes and E-STOP circuit.  >> More info

*The device works with Mach3 program thus you need to have applicable license. You can purchase the license through CS-Lab Company or directlyhere



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