Adapter for easier connection to simDrive V2 400/750W (option)

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Adapter for control signals easier connection in simDrive V2 400/750W (option)

With the adapter connection of control signals to simDrive V2 400/750W is much more comfortable. The connection of step/dir, Servo Reset, Servo Alarm, Servo On, etc. signals do not require soldering but just a simple screwdriver. It’s crucial for all the users that don’t want to waste time for DB25 wires soldering or they can’t solder precisely. 

Pin numbers in the adapter terminal match with pin numbers on DB socket. It’s a logical solution not to complicate the connection. 

To fasten the adapter, you should screw it to a DB25 socket of simDrive using the two screws – this way you can then screw wires directly to the adapter already attached to the simDrive. 




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