ARBAH -M Multi-axis position readout system :: for MILLING machines

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Czytnik Arbah– the exclusive distributor –

Position readers are available in two versions – for use with a lathe (L version) and a milling/grinding machine (M version). They can be used with almost every conventional machine tool, perfectly saving time and improving detail processing precision. They have multiple process-enhancing functions e.g. they can automatically compute the position of points on a line, arc and circle, they are able to measure angles. They cooperate with optical rulers as well as (cheaper) magnetic tapes. Our product supports the MODBUS protocol, which makes it possible to use readouts in automatics (most of PLCs support MODBUS).

The demanding customers will be delighted with additional ruler correction function, coming with all-length mapping (up to 200 points).

The electronics part is built with newest components – for the manufacturing purpose, we have used a fast 32-bit microcontroller, available on the market shortly before the device was designed, and a programmable FPGA logic chip – Xilinx Spartan 3. The casing and membrane keyboard was also designed by our company. SMD elements mounting is automatically performed. Before shipped, every device is thoroughly tested, warmed for 24 hours, and then re-tested by an exclusively designed for this purpose, automatic tester.
An important advantage of the device is noise safety, also measurement ruler powering system is secured against short-circuits and CPU monitored (the user is notified when a problem arises.)

Czytnik Arbah2

  • 4-axis measurement
  • constant machining speed
  • transmitter 4-axis controlling
  • angle measurement
  •  temperature compensation
  •  linear compensation
  • in a high range
  •  point compensation
  • (up to 200 points)
  •  PLC compatibility
  • firmware update enabled
  •  “Hardware Monitor” – electrical and temperature parameters view

ikon-pdf Manuals available with the product

Mounting template for mountable version (click to enlarge):




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