CSMIO-IO module – expansion by additional inputs/outputs (IP-S, IP-A)


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General & Main Features

CSMIO-IO nowy1CSMIO-IO is an expansion module of additional digital inputs and outputs.  
During retrofit of a machine it may show up that digital inputs and outputs number available in CSMIO/IP-S or CSMIO/IP-A controller is not enough. In this situation CSMIO-IO module is the solution as it has 16 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. In extreme situations we can use up to 16 of these IO modules.
CSMIO-IO module is supported only by CSMIO/IP-S and CSMIO/IP-A controllers.

Operation stability

Provided by connection of the CSMIO-IO module and CSMIO/IP-(S or A) controller through CAN bus. It guarantees correct and fast transmission even in tough inustrial environment. Great advantage of CAN bus is resistance to interference also in case of much distance between devices,the resistance is asured by differential transmission and CAN bus termination (120 Ohm resistor at the begining and at the end of the CAN bus). Another advantage of the CAN bus is ability to detect collisions and data loss by the strict control of transmission. 

Easy installation

CSMIO-IO doesn’t require any additional electronic to work properly, you only have to connect digital signals (must be supported), power supply and CAN bus. Digital signals are optically isolated inside, filtered, protected against short circuit, overheat, etc. This all is closed in one compact cover for DIN rail mounting what makes the device even easier for install and reduces time of mechanical and electrical installation in a control cabinet.
CSMIO-IO modules are great solution for distributed systems, for example can be used in an operator panel with CSMIO-MPG module to minimize number of wires which connect with a main controller to power supply (+24V and GND) and CAN bus (Can_H, Can_L and GND).

How does it work?

Principle of operation of CSMIO-IO module is very easy and it’s about: 
– digital inputs state reading and transfering the data to a motion controller through CAN bus. 
– receiving data from a main controller through CAN and  digital outputs control. 

Main advantages of CSMIO – IO module?

  • Easy configuration – to work it needs to have address set and CAN bus termination (the CAN bus termination should be  enable if a module is the last module in CAN bus and it doesn’t have a special plug with termination resistors). FOr that you should use switches placed ona a front panel of the module. After the module is powered it’s automatically detected by and recognized by a main controller (CSMIO/IP-A or S).
  • Solid aluminum housing which dissipates heat and protects electronic circuits very well. Readable led controls on a front panel which make it easier to instal and simplify diagnostics of digital inputs and outputs state. This compact cover is DIN rail mounted what makes the device even easier for install and reduces time of mechanical and electrical installation in a control cabinet. 
  • Macros – all digital inputs and outputs can be controlled by VisualBasic macros.
  • Industry standard – CSMIO-IO module is adopted to common industrial standards, including: 
    • opto-isolated digital outputs 24V DC supported by specialized systems with overload and short circuit protection. 
    • opto-isolated digital inputs 24V DC
    • power supply of the module adopted to 24V DC voltage

Technical data

Who is recommended to use CSMIO-IO module?

CSMIO-IO module is recommended to users/companies, who:
  • retrofit original CNC machines and want to use their original  control panel and don’t want to have tangle of cables connecting it with a control cabonet,
  • bild new machines and want to extend their capabilities with control operator functionality which is much away from a control cabinet,
  • build or retrofit macines that require large number of digital signals. 

CSMIO-IO module can be successfully used in every type of a machine. 

What do you get in the CSMIO-IO module box?

IO kartonThe package includes:

  • CSMIO-IO module
  • 2x DB25 connector-> Terminal block
  • 2x DB25 flat cable
  • 1x DB9 flat cable 
  • 1x terminator


CSMIO-IO Dimension


CSMIO-IO® Module of additional inputs/outputs (for CSMIO/IP-S, -A models) Manuals