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CSMIO-MPG Kit module & handwheel for all CSMIO/IP controllers

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CSMIO-MPG Kit is a 6-axis solution that provides manual operation of machine axes. This set consists of the CSMIO-MPG module and a good quality handwheel. This way you can easily, freely and most of all intuitively move your axes. It’s for those who want to equip their machine professionally. 

In this not expensive way, you can have a precise tool in your machine for fast configuration of work offsets (G54, G55 …), tool magazine (tool length offset), and for manual operation or fast manual rides. 

The Main Advantages
Main advantages of CSMIO – MPG module Kit?
General & Main Features
How does it work?
Technical data
Who is recommended to use the CSMIO-MPG Kit?
In The Box
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The Main Advantages

  • No settings required – CSMIO-MPG in current plugin version for Mach3 (up.to 23.01.2017) is ready to work right after installation and doesn’t need any configuration. It’s possible since digital signals have functions assigned permanently. In case of Mach4, it will be possible to create your own digital signals configuration and also to use them for purposes not related to MPG module. It means that free digital inputs can be used for example for start-stop – pause buttons connection.
  • Safety system – CSMIO-MPG module is equipped with hardware E-STOP circuit. It means that the E-STOP circuit goes through the module and a manual handwheel encoder. After pressing the emergency stop button on the handwheel the circuit is opened (open circuit), what causes immediate machine stop. It’s about the same E-Stop circuit used by CSMIO/IP motion controller and and all emergency buttons mounted in a machine.
  • Solid aluminum housing which dissipates heat and protects electronic circuits very well. Readable led controls on a front panel which make it easier to install and simplify diagnostics in case of any problems with switches and an encoder of a handwheel. 
  • The sturdy design of handwheel – it was equipped with sturdy and handy housing with excellent quality: switches manual encoder, LED indicating MPG mode work as well as ENABLE and E-STOP buttons.  It can serve for many years without any issue even if it’s used regularly. 
  • Additional features – CSMIO-MPG module has two 0-5V analog inputs that can be used for connection of poteniometers of spindle rotary speed and axis feed rate correction. In case of 4-axis machines, the 5th axis selection switch position (B axis) and 6th position (C axis) may be used for spindle rotary speed and axis feed rate correction. The correction value is in this case adjusted with the manual handwheel encoder. 
  • Industry standard – CSMIO-MPG module is adapted to worldwide standards:
    • Opto-isolated 24V DC digital outputs 
    • Opto-isolated 24V DC digital inputs 
    • The power supply adapted to 24VDC 

General & Main Features

Operation Stability

Provided by:

  • a connection of the CSMIO-MPG module with a CSMIO/IP controller through CAN bus. It guarantees correct and fast transmission even in a tough industrial environment. The great advantage of CAN bus is resistance to interference also in case of much distance between devices, the resistance is assured by differential transmission and CAN bus termination (120 Ohm resistor at the beginning and the end of the CAN bus). Another advantage of the CAN bus is the ability to detect collisions and data loss by the strict control of the transmission. 
  • the connection of CSMIO-MPG module and handwheel with shielded cable using differential transmission for encoder pulses transfer. In this case, the differential transmission is very resistant to interference. It’s thanks to optoisolators used in encoder input of CSMIO-MPG module, the optoisolators which load the differential line correctly (differential line termination). 


Easy installation

The connection of CSMIO-MPG Kit is very simple and won’t cause any trouble even to not experienced users. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to run it: 

  • Fastening the module on a DIN rail
  • Placing the DB25 plug of the JOG handwheel in the CSMIO-MPG module socket.
  • Connecting the CAN bus with the included DB9 tape
  • 24V DC power connection.
  • Connecting the E-STOP circuit to terminals E1 and E2 (order of the connections is not important). Terminals E1 and E2 are pins of the handwheel E-STOP button.
Sample connection of CAN bus for CSMIO/IP-S controller and CSMIO-MPG module (based on available documentation).

How does it work?

After pressing ENABLE button on a manual handwheel, a CSMIO-MPG module via a CSMIO/IP controller switches Mach3 to MPG mode. After switching Mach3 to MPG mode, the CSMIO-MPG module starts continuous encoder pulses counting and also verifies digital inputs state, to which there are switches connected (of axis selection and step size). All the information are transferred through CAN bus to a CSMIO/IP motion controller, where they are changed into motion trajectory for a selected axis.

Several algorithms are watching over motion trajectory creation. The algorithms’ task is to make axis motion precise and smooth. This way prepared motion trajectory is performed by a servo drive or a stepper drive. At the same moment when an axis is moving the CSMIO/IP motion controller sends current axis position to Mach3 software this way that its axis position DRO shown the current location. 

Technical data



Number of axes


Digital inputs (opto-isolated)


Digital outputs (opto-isolated)


Analog inputs


Supply voltage

24VDC +/-10%

Power consumption


Maximum voltage on in/out lines


Maximum load of output line


Voltage range of analog inputs

0-5 VDC 

Maximum frequency of encoder signal


Ambient temperature range

0oC to +60oC

Relative humidity (without condensation)

10% – 95%

Technical data of the handwheel










of Pulses






Output wave

Square wave

Output signals

A,B, (Line driver output A,A(_),B,B(_), phase)

Current consumption


Response Frequency


Output phase difference

90° ±  45°

Supply voltage

5VDC, 12 VDC

Signal level

V≥ 85%Vcc, V≤ 0.3V

Number of pulses


Output circuit

Open collector NPN, Push pull, Line driver, Voltage


Signal position


Speed without sealing

500 rmp

Starting torque w/o sealing

≤2.0x 10-2 ~6.0x 10-2 Nm (+25°C)

Shock resistance

980m/s2, 6ms, 2 times each on XYZ


Appr. 740g (incl. 1.5 meter cable)

You will find more details in Download tab (documentation)


CSMIO-MPG Kit is recommended to users/companies who:
  • retrofit original CNC machines and what to get full functionality by using the handwheel encoder function,
  • build new machines and want to raise their utility value implementing solutions previously found in CNC machines of well-known manufacturers.
  • build machines with a large working area and are looking for solutions that would allow a machine operator to move away from a control panel and still keeping control over machine axes (in the MPG/JOG mode), axis feed rate, spindle speed, and an emergency stop button.

CSMIO-MPG module can be successfully used in CNC machines of any type, especially recommended for milling and turning machines.

In The Box


  • CSMIO-MPG module
  • 1x DB9 ribbon wire
  • terminator
  • 6 axis JOG handwheel encoder ISMM2080 (incl. DB25 plug) 



CSMIO-MPG® v2 Module for manual axis operation – JOG (for all CSMIO/IP models)

CSMIO-MPG® v2  Manuals

MPG Handwheel ISMM2080 Manual Pulse Generator JOG encoder

MPG Handwheel ISMM2080  Manuals



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