simDrive Power Supply 325VDC 2000VA


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SimDrive Power Module 325VDC/ 2000VA applies to: 

  • simDrive™AC Servo 400W 325V **M4-H040K Model (the power module is sufficient for up to 6 of these drives)
  • simDrive™AC Servo 750W 325V **M4-H075K Model (the power module is enough for up to 4 of these drives)

In a power circuit of motor drives, it is often necessary to use a DC power supply, as drives designed to be as compact as possible do not provide it. 

 As pulse-powered systems shouldn’t power motor drives, there should be used linear power supplies with proper filters, supplying suitable constant voltage to a system. High-capacity capacitors significantly decrease ripples generated on the supply line, what influences a system lifetime.   

Additionally, the power supply system is equipped with a soft-start circuit. It assures soft start of mains transformer, and it doesn’t generate in the mains supply circuit a  surge current, which may turn off or burn a fuse. Soft-start system was designed to switch on 1KW transformers. Additionally, there is a relay that disconnects 230V AC mains supply and which control contacts are led out to a terminal block (REL+ pin1; REL- pin13 contacts). 24V DC relay control voltage.

Additional contacts on the terminal block allow for 24V DC power distribution to control systems or automatics. VCC input (pin2) leads the power to all +24V contacts via 2A polymer fuse. 

SimDrive Power Module 325VDC/ 2000VA is a transformerless power supply, and its primary function is to convert 230V AC to DC voltage 325VA.



Power Module 325VDC/2000VA manual Download

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