Spartus ProCut 45PFC Plasma Cutter with machine plasma torch SP45MY 7,5m

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SPARTUS ProCUT 45PFC is an inverter plasma cutter with an integrated CNC control socket. Designed for cutting metals and all electrically conductive materials. It is powered from a single-phase 230V network. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, we have obtained a professional source with a maximum cutting current of 40A. The maximum thickness of the cut material is 25mm. Built-in non-contact pilot arc initiation system (no high frequency HF) - provides excellent cut quality with extended consumable life.
The warranty period for SPARTUS Pro devices is 36 months.

Advantages of Spartus ProCUT 45PFC

Modern and lightweight plasma cutter. An easy-to-use panel with an LCD display enables smooth adjustment of the cutting current and setting the appropriate pressure. In addition, the cutter is equipped with a switch with a 2T / 4T work selection mode. SPARTUS ProCUT 45PFC is a professional plasma cutter that will be used in production sectors, industry and as a source of CNC plasma tables. Spartus units can be connected directly to a CSMIO/IP controller.


Package contents

  • SPARTUS® ProCUT 45PFC power source
  • Plasma machine torch holder SPARTUS® SP45MY 7.5m
  • plasma kit with torch parts
  • built-in air filter with pressure regulation
  • ground cable 3m
  • gas hose
  • user manual
Technical data
Spartus ProCut 45PFC parameters
Presentation of Spartus ProCut 45PFC
Technical documentation


Supply Voltage / Input ~1 × 230V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz
Cutting current [A] 20 – 40
Max. cutting thickness [mm] 25
Duty cycle [%] 60
Operating output voltage [V] 18
Recommended work pressure [bar] 5
Recommended compressor efficiency [l/min] 150
Contactless pilot arc ignition without HF  
2T / 4T  
Current consumption [A] 32.5
Power factor (cosφ) 0,7
Insulation class H
Protection IP21S
Weight [kg] 14
Dimension [mm] 600 × 215 × 405

Presentation and configuration

Spartus units can be connected directly to a CSMIO/IP controller. Take a look at these links:

Connection of THC with simCNC (THC Analog Smart, THC Digital)

Connection diagram simCNC thc-smart-analog.pdf