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SheetCAM TNG features
Plasma, laser, waterjet oxy-fuel cutting, milling
SheetCAM and simCNC software
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SheetCAM TNG software

SheetCam is a low-cost but feature-packed CAM package. SheetCam is suitable for plasma, milling, routing, waterjet, laser and oxy-fuel cutting.


Plasma, laser, waterjet and oxy-fuel cutting.

SheetCam has many useful features. The tool definition allows you define all of the important parameters for cutting. You can define as many tools as you like for different materials etc.

  • Kerf width. Draw your part the size you want and let SheetCam work out where to run the torch.
  • Automatic cut ordering to ensure that inside contours are always cut before outside contours.
  • Oxy-fuel preheat time.
  • Pierce delay time.
  • Optional ramp piercing. Instead of plunging straight in, the cutter torch can ramp in, reducing the amount of material blown back into the torch. This increases consumable life and reduces faulty cuts due to blocked or obstructed nozzles

Once you have defined you tool you can set up the cut. SheetCam gives you many options to optimise cutting.

Here is an example part. SheetCam automatically works out the holes are inside so it reverses the cut direction for these features. The holes would also be cut first. As the small holes are too small to fit a full sized lead in and lead out, the leads are reduced in size to fit. To prevent corner rounding, the corners can be looped.









Profile cutting

  • Inside, outside or no tool compensation
  • Multi pass cutting
  • Ramp cutting to allow plunging with non center-cutting tools.
  • Finishing allowance for roughing tools
  • Selectable leadin and leadout
  • Climb or normal cut direction









  • Automatic island detection
  • Multi pass cutting
  • Adjustable stepover


3D view of the cut path









  • Drill from circles or points in a DXF file
  • Peck drilling with controllable retract amount

SheetCAM and simCNC

Over the past few years, the way of organizing work between CAM software> operator> plasma cutter has changed significantly. All possible parameterization of a cutting process has been handed over to an operator and software controlling a plasma cutter. Consequently, CAM software has only become a trajectory generator, i.e. a gcode generator for a cut shape. The CAM software that fits perfectly in this role due to its simplicity, functionality and price is the SheetCAM software.

Thanks to this software, even an inexperienced operator can generate a gcode in a few easy-to-remember steps in just several dozen seconds.

This Gcode has no cutting parameters, which is a desirable feature because it is portable from machine to machine and between different types of cut sheet metal.

The subsequent parameterization of a cutting process also takes place in a few easy-to-remember steps for an operator, directly at a machine, in the simCNC control software, using the built-in parameter table.


SheetCam Download (software and manuals)

For general queries there is a SheetCam Yahoo mailing list. The list has some very knowledgeable members and questions are answered within a couple of hours. Click here to visit the list or click here to subscribe via email.

Alternatively you can email customer support direct by clicking on this link. Note this address will only work if you have javascript enabled.

For more details contact support@cs-lab.eu