simDrive™AC Servo Driver 400W 325V

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MODEL: simDrive™- M4-H040K 

Compatible motors available!

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simDrive™ a servo drive for CNC control systems. Due to the relatively narrow range of application configuration process is simplified so a user – operator doesn’t have to break through all the dozens of parameters which he won’t use anyway.  
The configuration parameters were divided into functional groups what makes the configuration fast and clear. The only more difficult thing for not experienced users is PID regulator tuning and configuration of parameters needed when using brushless motors. Knowledge and experience are in this case highly valuable nevertheless reading simDrive™ manual carefully even less experienced users will be able to set the simDrive™ device properly.

Technical details

simDrive™AC Servo 400W 325V – M4-H040K  :: TECHNICAL DATA (model***)

Parameter M4-H075K Model ***M4-H040K Model M4-L075K Model M4-L040K Model
 Power supply voltage of  power output stage 325 VDC
155 VDC Drives available on request
 Maximum output current 15 A 8 A 20 A 10 A
 Maximum output
3.0 kW 1.2 kW 2.2 kW 1.2 kW
 Recommended motor  power
750 W 400 W 750 W 400 W
 Motor types supported
DC / BLDC / AC‑ Synchronous (HALL)
 Power output stage  protection Short circuit, overload, overvoltage and thermal
 Digital inputs number 6
 Digital outputs number 3
 Encoder inputs number 1
 Logic supply voltage 24VDC +/-10%
 Power consumption  (24V) 5W
 Maximal permissible voltage on I/O lines 30VDC
 Maximal load on an output line 50mA
 Signal type of  position/speed defining  (STEP/DIR)Differential signal
 Max. STEP signal  frequency 4 MHz
 Max. encoder signal  frequency 8 MHz
 Encoder type incremental TTL
 Encoder signal type Differential
 PC connection  (configuration) RS232
 Connection with a  motion controller  (diagnostic) CAN bus
 temperature range
0oC do +50oC
 Relative humidity 10% to 95%
(without condensation)



To setup the drive you need csServoManager configuration utility, available free on, while a converter cable (programming cable) can be purchased in our online store The converter and the cable are not required for configuration if the drive is used with CSMIO/IP – CNC motion controller by CS-Lab company and connected with the controller via CAN bus. The converter, however, is required for firmware updates [rare].  

You can communicate with the simDrive in two ways:

1) Through USB-RS232 converter (for simDrive configuration and updates)

Programming cable for servo drives (simDrive™) USB to PC connection cable 

 2) Through CSMIO/IP controller and CAN bus (for simDrive configuration) (page 22)


simDrive™ AC servo Manuals & Firmware Updates

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