Cont. output power: 2,1 kW
Cont. output current: 20A
DC Voltage: 40-175 VDC
Max STEP Frequency: 10 MHz
Supported Motors: DC/BLDC/AC (HALL)
Suggested motor: 0,7 kW 
More about ARBAH Drives:
Developed especially for CNC, simplified configuration.
Optoisolated IO signals
Differential STEP/DIR input up to 1MHz
Special control algorithms for low generation of heat.
Possible electronic gearing
Overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protection
Diagnostic directly in Mach3 via CSMIO/IP-S and CANOpen connection (available soon with firmware upgrade)
Requires incremental encoder 5v TTL
Requires HALL signals for brushless motor startup
It will be possible to connect Arbah DSP to CSMIO/IP-S or CSMIO/IP-M using CAN bus CAN for diagnostic of:

– work temp]
– faults
– I/Os state

It will be also possible to set PID parameters from the additional firmware level as well as ArbahDSP working parameters. For that you will need no wires and converters as all will be done by CSMIO via CAN bus.

Our drive support michin’s homing on index  if incremental encoder, so homing is much more precise.

NEW ArbahDSP drives have been used by CS-Lab for dozens of retrofits however till now were not in open sale.



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