simDrive AC Servo Drives

SimDrive AC Servo Drives has a relatively narrow range of applications, but this feature makes its configuration process very simple. The device does not require the users to acquaint themselves with dozens of parameters. This set of CNC servo driver and servo motor comes in two models: 400W and 750W. Both of them include cables. SimDrive AC Servo System Driver and Motor Set provides diagnostic utility software – csServoManager. It is a convenient software installer that basically makes the installation process runs automatically, so the user does not have to struggle through all the parameters and settings to run the drive. simDrive AC Servo System Drivers and Motors 3 Axis Set. The 3 axis set consists of simDrives AC Servo driver, AC Servo Motor, and cables. Two models are currently available: 400W and 750W, each of them coming also in a version with one motor with brake. This type of CNC servo system has compact architecture and high power density. Its characteristics include rapid response, overheat capability protection and various frame installation sizes among others.

DELTA Servo drives

DELTA Servo drive Set is a type of CNC system that we offer in many variations: 0,4 kW B2 1x230V 2000RPM Medium Inertia, 0,4 kW B2 1x230V 3000RPM, 0,75 kW B2 1x230V 3000RPM, 1 kW B2 1x230V 2000RPM Medium Inertia, 1 kW B2 1x230V 3000RPM, 1,5 kW B2 1x230V 2000RPM Medium Inertia, with all of them also coming in a version with a break. They are advanced devices that combine precision and intuitive parametrization. Are characterized by wide applications and high functionality.

Accessories for CNC control systems

CS-Lab has a wide selection of accessories for CNC control systems. The products available in our online store are renowned for their high quality and performance. We offer accessories such as: various types of power supply, USB to PC programming wire, power dividers, line dividers, line receivers, converters of digital signals, various types of encoders, metal housing plugs, and rail connectors. We offer our clients only the best products renowned for their fine workmanship and reliability.



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