CS-Lab has a large assortment of simDrive drives. In the shop’s offer the clients may find only the best and most efficient drive controllers, servo motors, and various accessories for CNC control systems currently available on the market. CS-Labs provides ready to use tools, which can be easily, yet effectively, implemented in everyday work.

simDrive AC Servo Drive

In CS-Lab Shop there are two models of simDrive AC Servo drivers available:

Both models have relatively narrow range of applications. This feature, however, allows for an easy and simple configuration, making this process particularly user friendly. Both of simDrive AC Servo Drive models available in the CS-Lab Shop can be installed and used without the need to delve deep into dozens of parameters.

simDrive AC Servo System Driver and Motor Set

SimDrive AC Servo System Driver and Motor Set is available in the CS-Lab Shop in two models, both equipped with suitable cables:

Each model of SimDrive AC Servo System Driver and Motor Set provides the user with a diagnostic utility software called csServoManager. It is a very convenient software installer, which allows the installation process to run automatically. CsServoManager saves the user the need to go through and learn all the possible parameters and settings in order to run the drive.

simDrive AC Servo System Drivers and Motors 3 Axis Set

SimDrive AC Servo System Drivers and Motors 3 Axis Set available in the CS-Lab Shop consists of:

  • simDrives AC Servo driver,

  • AC Servo Motor,

  • suitable cables – power cables and encoder cables.

There are two models of the set available:

Each of the models comes also in a version equipped with one motor with a brake. This type of a CNC servo system is characterized by its high power density and compact architecture. It responds rapidly and has middle rotor inertia, super high coercivity rare earth permanent magnet, overheat protection capability, strong anti-demagnetization capability, as well as various frame installation sizes and full-closed design.

Accessories for simDrive AC Servo Systems

The CS-Lab Shop’s offer consists of not only simDrive AC Servo Systems, but also a selection of accessories:

The products available in the CS-Lab’s online store offer only the best performance. They are of the highest quality and are renowned for their fine workmanship, robustness, and reliability.