simCNC ChangelogSep 30, 2022: The simCNC version 3.412 is now official and available in a standard update. To update the “simCNC” software, CS-LAB’s developers have created a simple and quick-to-use tool – the “simCNC Maintenance” , which is installed with the simCNC software. Note – the “simCNC Maintenance” tool requires an internet connection to update the simCNC software. In order to update the “simCNC” software, run the “simCNC Maintenance” software, select the “Update components” option and press the “Next” button. After this operation, the “simCNC Maintenance” software will connect to the server, download and install the available updates (more on this topic in the “SimCNC Installation, uninstall and update guide“).

We also encourage you to test the new simCNC 3.420 beta version. How to test beta version?

See the list of changes implemented in the official and beta releases >> Visit the Changelog



SimCNC 3.410 is now available as the latest official release. It has a lot of improvements, patches and fixes. For this reason, we have made the simCNC 3.406 offline version available (simCNC Download section), which, together with the previously made simCNC 3.406 profile copy, allows you to quickly return to the previous version. If so far you have not used simCNC 3.410, backup your profile before installing it, because the simCNC 3.410 profile is incompatible with earlier versions of simCNC. There is also a new Beta 3.412 simCNC available for testing. 




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