simCNC Changelog



Patches and fixes for the reported bugs related to:

0000193: Change of the default font in the macro editor to a fixed-width font
0000148: Protection against encoder signal loss – CSMIO/IP-A
0000186: Homing visualization – switch activation point in relation to encoder index
0000185: Probe signals in the diagnostics tab in default screens
0000184: Blocked error messages when configuration window is open
0000183: Information about current axis state for homing errors message
0000182: Fixed: connection with CSMIO/IP error after firmware update
0000181: Greying out lineEdit from softlimit, when softlimit is disabled for axis
0000180: PID configuration in the configuration menu (CSMIO/IP-A)
0000050: Combining screen files with a machine profile
0000178: XYZ/ABC optimization value added to machine parameters


  • Redesigned plasma cutter and torch height control (THC) support.
  • Simplified and improved configuration of the motion planner
  • Corrections and improvements for 4-axis processing and tangential axis processing.

Patches and fixes for the reported bugs related to:

0000061: saving (css) new screen files
0000062: files loading time
0000069:  unclear button description in the screen selection window
0000073:  not moving cs file when copying a screen from default
0000084: rounding work offset (e.g. G54)
0000085:  Gui issue – marks „:” and „/”
0000094:  List of commands entered in MDI
0000098: Screen editor – undo changes issue.
0000099: An axis doesn’t stop after pressing the Stop button (motion activated by d.moveToPosition())
0000103: Window with a warning about values of CV angles and a tangent knife
0000104: Python function indicating if a gcode is loaded.
0000105: Enabling a tangential axis does not cause the “Z Lift Angle” value converting
0000106: Incorrect descriptions of parameters in the “Motion planner” window.
0000107: Unnecessary message from a tangential knife when simCNC is not connected.
0000109: “Homing offset” parameter (CSMIO/IP-S) a slave drive on an axis can move at a different velocity than a master.
0000110: Tangential knife orientation marker missing.
0000112: Error in the algorithm of the correct values message for a tangential knife.
0000113: Problem with the indication of limit switches signal
0000114: “Smart Limits” function issue (axes X, Y)
0000118: Password protection for the screen editor.
0000121: No option for changing a color of a gcode in the editor window.
0000123: G04 command – no option to enter a machine parameter in an argument (e.g. G04 P#101)
0000124: Reconnection in simCNC
0000126: Issues with epid errors when a tangential knife is enable.
0000129: Disconnection of a controller and assert when using too low resolution of MPG step.
0000141: simCNC, when resuming gcode changes the tool length offset if there was an offset change in the next line.
0000142: When resuming a gcode from the first line of a drilling cycle, a Z axis is not raised to a safe position.
0000143: Wider description of error message in case of incompatible arc parameters
0000145: Python function does not warn you when an argument is missing
0000146: Inconsistent behavior of simCNC 3.307 and 3.308 on M62 and M63
0000147: Renamed activity for the spindle on trajectory stop and start  
0000149: DRO “Feed” property correction
0000150: Input “Axis … abs position” does not refresh the widget text on the screen
0000156: function d.executeProbing – problem with a parameter
0000162: Tangential knife issue – Does not slow down on polynomial joining segment
0000165: “Font Selection” in the GUI editor – does not show the currently set font correctly


  • G28/G30 incorrect behavior when a machine was already in G28 position
  • correction in calculating the processing time for some files


  • (simCNC) Correction – probing with rotary axis enable
  • (simCNC) Correction – calculation of distance for acceleration during laser engraving
  • (simCNC) Correction – path tester
  • (simCNC) multi-threaded gcode loading
  • (simCNC) Correction – OpenGL display