simCNC 3.420 beta 

– Extended optimization: previously there was arc optimization, now there is additional segment optimization and skipping segments shorter than optimization precision (parameters 4150-4154)
– G28.1 and G28.1Px – homing
– 256 material bases
– Gcode editing window set immediately to the same position as in the gcode list
– Stop movement between segments if one of them moves only in XYZ axes and the other only in ABC axes
– Stop counting path time after pressing pause, and at macro execution time
– Signal of permission to reference

Python: Throw an exception if a function fails:
* executeGCode
* executeHoming
* executeAxisHoming

Python: new features:
* getDeviceInfo
* setSpindleGear
* getSpindleGear
* getCurrentScriptInfo
* getRunningScriptsInfo

simCNC 3.412 

00000357: change – the interpreter has so far tolerated the notation of X0.-100 (and other similar), recognizing that it is about: zero subtract a hundred. Currently, square brackets [ ] are required for arithmetic operations in a gcode.
00000365: fix – a few commands S … line under the line
00000366: fix – css widgets in Dark mode for Windows
00000369: fix – sometimes the program turned off when starting the trajectory from a line
00000370: fix – deconfiguration of active signals did not deactivate a signal value
00000371: fix – a very rare crash after a script is finished
00000372: fix – starting from a line with arriving segments, when configuring base units = Imperial, current units = Metric
00000373: fix – Incorrectly appearing message “Bad arc parameters”
00000376: fix – epid from time to time
– Fixed a bug that caused problems with position counters on some IPA controllers
– protection against slowing down of the program in the case of a very large number of messages in the Python console
– fix – G90/G91


simCNC 3.410 / Mach4 plugin 3.410 

Patches and fixes for the reported bugs related to:

0000024: Network connection diagnostics – information about the time in case of connection break – corrections
0000081: Mach4 Screw Mapping
0000212: getAtributte(“axis… Referenced”) returns null to the first homing
0000217: Too long delay after calling d.waitForZeroVelocity()
0000222: Automatic recalculation of soft limit limits if necessary
0000231: No protection against giving an “id” to a widget with a space
0000251: Table of machine parameters – the capability to edit directly in the table
0000153: ‘IO Signal not assigned’ error when X-axis does not have MotionKit assigned
0000187: Fixed issue with displaying soft limit limits
0000191: Issues with refreshing the “Active Python Actions” window – the arc loss action (Plasma) does not disappear
0000206: No “Run script” option in “Output: returnPressed” for “LineEdit” widget
0000219: d.executeGCodeList( ) and d.executeGCode( ) fixes
0000224: Fixes in displaying current digital output states on simCNC screen
0000238: G10 and A-axis – works in radians instead of degrees
0000173: Changing the profile to the newly created one – does not reset the ESTOP signal configuration
0000188: Tool length displaying issue.
0000202: Issues with arcs when switching units from inches to metric
0000207: Issues with arithmetic operations on machine parameters
0000215: Issues with speed of an axis, e.g. the Z-axis when using an independent axis
0000221: Python does not wait for a motion function to finish and jumps to a next macro line.
0000228: Pausing simCNC work from the screen does not generate the actions “Trajectory Pause On” and “Trajectory Pause Off”
0000246: Smart Limits function added
0000179: JOG function from digital inputs added
0000189: Gcode run time calculation issue
0000204: Error in message for G04 P…
0000250: Memory leak in simCNC 3.406
0000214: CSMIO/IP-A issues with running autotuning in ‘alpha v3410’ version
0000120: CanOpen modules freeze when we connect it hot
0000248: Restarting the CSMIO/IP-S 3410 ‘alpha’ controller
0000264: GUI editor – the screen is not saved if after editing the widget you press immediately disable the editor – X
0000262: Function to remove messages from simCNC screen
0000258: Error assigning a value to a machine parameter
0000256: Add the ability to use a machine parameter as an offset number.
0000253: Error in keyboard capture with screen editor and script editor open
0000244: no message when there is no permission to modify a gcode file


  • German simCNC language version added
  • Added spindle axis positioning support (Mach4)
  • Refactoring and optimization of simCNC code and Mach4 plugin
  • widget.executeOutput method added
  • getLaserPowerCurve() fixed
  • waitForTrajectoryFinished() method added
  • enableMachine() fixed
  • Triple screen loading after losing connection and reconnecting – fixed
  • Highlighting the selected line in GCodeList – fixed
  • CSS styles for GCodeList
  • Fix – G10 with rotary axis


Die Version SimCNC 3.410 hat viele interne Verbesserungen und trotz unserer besonderen Bemühungen und einer extrem langen Testphase kann es zu kleineren Unannehmlichkeiten kommen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir die Offline-Version von simCNC 3.406 zur Verfügung gestellt, die Ihnen zusammen mit der zuvor erstellten simCNC 3.406-Profilkopie eine schnelle Rückkehr zur vorherigen Version ermöglicht. Wenn Sie simCNC 3.410 bisher nicht verwendet haben, erstellen Sie vor der Installation eine Sicherungskopie des Profils, da das simCNC 3.410-Profil nicht mit früheren Versionen von simCNC kompatibel ist.



Patches and fixes for the reported bugs related to:

0000193: Change of the default font in the macro editor to a fixed-width font
0000148: Protection against encoder signal loss – CSMIO/IP-A
0000186: Homing visualization – switch activation point in relation to encoder index
0000185: Probe signals in the diagnostics tab in default screens
0000184: Blocked error messages when configuration window is open
0000183: Information about current axis state for homing errors message
0000182: Fixed: connection with CSMIO/IP error after firmware update
0000181: Greying out lineEdit from softlimit, when softlimit is disabled for axis
0000180: PID configuration in the configuration menu (CSMIO/IP-A)
0000050: Combining screen files with a machine profile
0000178: XYZ/ABC optimization value added to machine parameters


  • Redesigned plasma cutter and torch height control (THC) support.
  • Simplified and improved configuration of the motion planner
  • Corrections and improvements for 4-axis processing and tangential axis processing.

Patches and fixes for the reported bugs related to:

0000061: saving (css) new screen files
0000062: files loading time
0000069:  unclear button description in the screen selection window
0000073:  not moving cs file when copying a screen from default
0000084: rounding work offset (e.g. G54)
0000085:  Gui issue – marks „:” and „/”
0000094:  List of commands entered in MDI
0000098: Screen editor – undo changes issue.
0000099: An axis doesn’t stop after pressing the Stop button (motion activated by d.moveToPosition())
0000103: Window with a warning about values of CV angles and a tangent knife
0000104: Python function indicating if a gcode is loaded.
0000105: Enabling a tangential axis does not cause the “Z Lift Angle” value converting
0000106: Incorrect descriptions of parameters in the “Motion planner” window.
0000107: Unnecessary message from a tangential knife when simCNC is not connected.
0000109: “Homing offset” parameter (CSMIO/IP-S) a slave drive on an axis can move at a different velocity than a master.
0000110: Tangential knife orientation marker missing.
0000112: Error in the algorithm of the correct values message for a tangential knife.
0000113: Problem with the indication of limit switches signal
0000114: “Smart Limits” function issue (axes X, Y)
0000118: Password protection for the screen editor.
0000121: No option for changing a color of a gcode in the editor window.
0000123: G04 command – no option to enter a machine parameter in an argument (e.g. G04 P#101)
0000124: Reconnection in simCNC
0000126: Issues with epid errors when a tangential knife is enable.
0000129: Disconnection of a controller and assert when using too low resolution of MPG step.
0000141: simCNC, when resuming gcode changes the tool length offset if there was an offset change in the next line.
0000142: When resuming a gcode from the first line of a drilling cycle, a Z axis is not raised to a safe position.
0000143: Wider description of error message in case of incompatible arc parameters
0000145: Python function does not warn you when an argument is missing
0000146: Inconsistent behavior of simCNC 3.307 and 3.308 on M62 and M63
0000147: Renamed activity for the spindle on trajectory stop and start  
0000149: DRO “Feed” property correction
0000150: Input “Axis … abs position” does not refresh the widget text on the screen
0000156: function d.executeProbing – problem with a parameter
0000162: Tangential knife issue – Does not slow down on polynomial joining segment
0000165: “Font Selection” in the GUI editor – does not show the currently set font correctly


  • G28/G30 incorrect behavior when a machine was already in G28 position
  • correction in calculating the processing time for some files


  • (simCNC) Correction – probing with rotary axis enable
  • (simCNC) Correction – calculation of distance for acceleration during laser engraving
  • (simCNC) Correction – path tester
  • (simCNC) multi-threaded gcode loading
  • (simCNC) Correction – OpenGL display


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