We are pleased to announce that the simCNC software has just arrived on a new, popular platform – RaspberryPi 4!

It is an experimental version that runs on RaspberryPi OS (beta) 64-bit system. However, this is not a limited version in any way, it is a fully functional simCNC software port, including the latest features such as the dynamic, fully editable user interface.

The work efficiency is surprisingly good for such a cheap and small computer, but also note that the advanced motion algorithms included in the simCNC software have their requirements. It is difficult to clearly define the applications for which the performance of the RaspberryPi will be sufficient, and where the processor power may already run out. Therefore, we encourage you to test so that you can check the capabilities and their limits yourself.


Installation is very easy, it only takes 3 steps:

  1. Download the system image from http://soft.cs-lab.eu/rpios64_simcnc.img.gz
  2. Upload the image to the SD card, we recommend using the balenaEtcher software – https://www.balena.io/etcher/
  3. Insert the prepared SD card into the RaspberryPi and turn on the power.

That’s all, the operating system and simCNC software are already installed.

The first boot always takes a bit longer as the system creates partitions and completes the installation.

Username: pi
Password: simcnc

The simCNC software can be launched from the Start menu, the subdirectory Other. In the same place, there is also simCNC Maintenance, which can be used to update the software to the latest release.



The RaspberryPi 4 Model B board is absolutely required. Older products do not have adequate performance and memory.

RAM: minimum 4GB

You must use a wired connection to connect to the network. The WiFi network is not stable enough to communicate with CSMIO/IP motion controllers.

To improve mass storage, you can use a USB3 SSD (e.g. SanDisk Extreme) instead of an SD card. It is not necessary, but it enhances the comfort of work.



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