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What causes network connection issues [simCNC, Mach4]?

In case of issues with the loss of network connection with a CSMIO/IP motion controller, follow the list below in the following order:

  • If you are using WiFi connection replace it with cable connection. The WiFi connection is not stable enough.
  • Update your computer’s controller, especially your network card.
  • Disable power saving mode for your network card.
  • In your operating system settings, activate the power plan that guarantees the highest performance of a PC unit.
  • Check if the energy-saving management applications are running in the operating system, turn them off or set them so that they do not limit the performance of the PC unit
  • Disable or correctly set your anti-virus software not to block network connection.
  • Check if your network cable runs near the source of high interference, change the cable arrangement if necessary.
  • If necessary, replace the network cable with another one to test it.
  • Use a different 24V DC power supply unit (good quality) to test it.
  • If you are using a router or switch, opt-out of it as part of a test and use the direct connection (IP: and Mask:
  • Send the controller serial number to CS-LAB technical support to determine if your controller is up to date with the hardware.
  • As a last resort, change your computer to another computer as a part of a test.

All of the above are very important and directly affect the stability of the network connection. Most often, network connection problems are caused by laptop energy saving algorithms.

A useful tool to mention may be the network connection diagnostic window. This window contains all the necessary parameters to assess the quality of the network connection.


[Source:] The diagram was created by CS-Lab’s Technical Support section for CSMIO/IP users.

18 May 2020