The CSMIO/IP controller requires control software. You can choose one of these three programs: simCNC, Mach3, Mach4.
The firmware below contains the required plugin. S
imCNC software doesn’t require any additional plugin.

Mach4 plugin

  • Created: 10 February 2020
    Version: v3. ... (automatic updates)
    File size: 8,6 MB

    The installer automatically installs the newest version. Use the „CSMIOMaintenance” Utility installed with this firmware for all future updates. The „CSMIOMaintenance” Utility reqires internet connection.

Mach3 plugin

To run Mach3 plugin you need to download Microsoft.net  (also for Windows 8) Attention! During installation your computer must be connected to the Internet.  dotnet Microsoft NetFramework 3.5