1. Sheetcam TNG postprocessor for simCNC

We have prepared a dedicated postprocessor for the SHEETCAM TNG software for those using simCNC control software in their plasma cutters.

The postprocessor has been prepared so that the parameterization of the cutting process is done at the cutting place, i.e., from the level of simCNC control software.

Parameterization can be done by:

  • manual change of parameters from simCNC screen for plasma cutters.
  • through cutting parameters table available in simCNC software.

This solution saves time because an operator does not need to use the SHEETCAM TNG software when changing the cutting parameters.

It means that the postprocessor generates a gcode in which all cutting parameters are omitted except for the ‘Rapid clearance’ parameter.

This is the only parameter that needs to be set in the SHEETCAM TNG software settings.

2. Postprocessor for FUSION 360 adapted to simCNC software

This is a Fanuc postprocessor for Fusion 360 software adapted to simCNC.
Up to 3 axis support.

This is a Fanuc postprocessor for Fusion 360 software adapted to simCNC.
Up to 4 axis support.

3. Postprocessor for Vectric VCarve 

Together with the postprocessor, you get two scripts, which you need to add to simCNC so it can activate the analog laser control mode.

These macros are triggered automatically from a gcode, so apart from adding them to the scripts folder of your profile, you don’t need to do anything else.

As already mentioned, the laser is controlled by an analog 0-10V signal, which requires the analog output number to be configured in the simCNC settings, “Special I / O” tab.

We are talking about the “Laser Analog” option, where we choose out of two 0-10V analog outputs.

How to make the first engraving test:



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