Equip your CNC machines with a professional control system.


Every partnership is individual, as each manufacturer or retrofitter has its own requirements and a predetermined price ceiling. CS-Lab works with machine manufacturers all over the world. Each such cooperation is unique. The technological solutions of CS-Lab are advanced and professional. They provide capabilities at the level of well-known, most expensive solutions used on the CNC market. Cooperation with CS-Lab gives machine builders great opportunities, making them much more competitive than companies with a strong position on the market.
CS-Lab provides its partners with great technical support and advice at every stage of cooperation. Our team consists of experienced specialists who do not compromise when designing devices and software. We provide comprehensive services – from technical consultancy through the selection of components, delivery of devices and software in line with customer expectations to technical support.

Customized offer. Give it a go.

We equip CNC machine manufacturers and CNC retrofitting companies with a great proprietary CNC control system. Our solutions are used by companies in Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, and Africa. Well-known companies have used the CSMIO control system for many years now. Join us and ask for an individual offer with great prices and customized conditions. You always have the support of our developers and technicians, the best automation and numerical control specialists. Write or call and tell us more about your CNC machines. We will be happy to see what you do.

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Our CNC solutions for machine builders include:

CNC motion controllers

CNC Controllers allow you to control motor drives. Operation stability and simple installation are just some of their advantages. They are equipped with great safety systems that constantly watch over the safety of a user and a machine. The solid housing perfectly protects electronic circuits.

CNC software

The software provides effective control and supervision of machining, thanks to which these processes run in a controlled and planned by an operator manner.

Drives and Motors

CS-Lab offers only the best, most efficient servo drives and servo motors. We provide our clients with ready-to-use tools which can be easily implemented in their everyday work. If you don’t find what you need just ask us about it.

CNC accessories

Our accessories include power units, signal towers, connection terminals, converters, encoders, connectors and power supplies.

Why is it worth working with CS-Lab?

CS-Lab is a company whose products are popular both in the Europe and around the world, because they are based on modern and professional solutions. This allows them to compete with similar products on the market. Thanks to well-qualified specialists with many years of experience, we are able to meet any challenge in the field of industrial automation and CNC.




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