CNC Motion Control Board (CSMIO series)

There is not a more important element of every CNC machine than a motion controller. It makes numerically controlled machines work smoothly and efficiently. There are some excellent models of controllers in our offer which are recommended for professionals, automation producers, retrofit specialists as well as hobbyists who need solid, compact and flexible control systems. The CSMIO/IP motion control boards will surely meet the clients’ expectations. Although it looks like an ordinary small box, connected with a PC and appropriate control software it will supervise the correctness of any CNC appliance operations. They can be combined with such software as simCNC, Mach 3 and Mach 4.

In the assortment there are three models of motion controller boards to choose from. They are CSMIO/IP-S 6-axis step/dir controller, CSMIO/IP-M 4-axis step/dir controller and CSMIO/IP-A 6-axis +/-10V controller. You can extend features of the controllers by adding CSMIO expansion modules for JOG operation. You can also equip the 6-axis controllers in additional inputs and outputs as well as threading feature. The products quality is guaranteed.


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