What are the CNC motion controllers?

Motion controller is undoubtedly the most important element of a CNC machine. It allows numerically controlled machines to work smoothly and efficiently. By connecting the CNC controller to the PC and installing an appropriate control software, it can supervise the correctness of any CNC appliance operation. CNC motion control devices can be combined with such CNC software, as Mach3, Mach4, and simCNC.

The best CNC control systems

CS-Labs offers only the best CNC control systems of the highest quality, which are recommended for professionals, automation producers, retrofit specialists, and hobbyists who need solid, compact, and flexible control systems. We provide 4-axis and 6-axis controllers, as well as various module expansions. The CSMIO series includes: CSMIO/IP-M Motion Controller (STEP/DIR) – a 4-axis CNC control system, CSMIO/IP-S Motion Controller (STEP/DIR) – a 6-axis CNC control system. CSMIO/IP-A Motion Controller (+/- 10V) – a 6-axis CNC control system, which provides the user with great dynamics and accuracy of motion, all while not requiring external software such as Mach3 or Mach4.

All CNC motion controllers available in our shop are highly reliable, while also being fully affordable. They are perfect for all users who want to equip their machine tool with stable, flexible and efficient CNC control system. You can choose between one of the controller boards that runs with the dedicated simCNC software and has no need for an external software or you can buy the controller and separately the software, namely: Mach3, Mach4, as well as simCNC.

The motion controllers in our offer are also eligible for expansion with dedicated module expansions.

Module expansions

CS-Lab has a wide selection of module expansions for CNC controllers. The user can equip the controllers in additional inputs and outputs as well as threading feature. We guarantee the highest quality of all products. CSMIO-MPG is a JOG support module for manual axis operation. The device enables extension of 6-axis CSMIO/IP controller with MPG function. It’s an outside module connected to the controller via Controller Area Network bus. The version with a handwheel is also available. CSMIO-ENC is an expansion module for threading (IP-S, IP-A), and for spindle encoder connection. It can be used with two types of 6-axis controllers: CSMIO/IP-S (step/dir) and CAMIO/IP-A (+/-10V). CSMIO-IO is an expansion module with 16 additional digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. It can be used with CSMIO/IP-S (step/dir) and CAMIO/IP-A (+/-10V) Ethernet Motion Controllers.