CS-Lab is a manufacturer of CNC control systems, most of all well know and popular in the world market CSMIO/IP motion controllers but also simDrive AC servo drivers and own CNC software – simCNC.

CSMIO Series

CS-Lab is one of the leading motion controllers manufacturers. Our company is mostly known for the CSMIO series, consisting of CSMIO/IP controllers and expansion modules, which provide efficiency, stability, and flexibility, while also assuring precision and speed previously unavailable for devices in this price sector. CSMIO/IP controllers use CS-Lab’s own control software simCNC, which guarantees high speed and great dynamics of work. They also support Mach3 and Mach4 software.


simDrive a servo drive for CNC control systems. Due to the relatively narrow range of application configuration process is simplified so a user – operator doesn’t have to break through all the dozens of parameters which he won’t use anyway.


SimCNC is a software that provides dynamics and precision of motion not seen before in other CNC control software. The program allows machine to be fast, dynamic and precise. It also ensures the treatment process is smooth and steady, which highly affects processing time, as well as extends the life of tools and of mechanics of a machine. Characteristics of SimCNC were achieved by the S-curve profile and the implementation of sophisticated algorithms for motion trajectory optimization.

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The “PID Fault” (e-PID) and why it shows up.

The “PID Fault” (e-PID) and why it shows up.

What is the "PID Fault" (e-PID), and why it shows up?   One of our customers received the error "PID Fault mkit: 1 error 251" and asked what it meant. In simple terms, it means that "MotionKit" (in the case of Mach3 - an axis, and Mach4 - a Motor) number 1 wanted...

What causes Python path error?

What causes Python path error?

The main question is, what did you do that caused this problem? This error occurs when: 1. You want to run simCNC from a copy of the simCNC folder. By making a copy of the entire simCNC folder, simCNC loses access rights to the files. To fix this, you must manually...


Why is it worth it to start a cooperation with CS-Lab?

Our company, as one of the few on the market, offers complex services. We thoroughly plan, design, program and develop the production technology, making sure the finished product is meticulously tested before being delivered to the client. We provide ready-to-use tools which can be easily implemented in everyday work. We achieved this via simplification of the process of configuration by arranging the parameters into functional groups and templates.  In CS-Lab we are able to achieve the highest quality of our products thanks to the engagement of numerous excellent specialists with many years of experience, who form part of our team. Furthermore, to achieve its goals, our company uses only high-end complex equipment, that allows us to take even the greatest challenges and always strive for perfection.

According to our motto, to change control on your machine tool is the best way to increase availability and production in almost any machine. With that in mind, we encourage you to ask for an individual offer and start a partnership with CS-Lab.

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