Single-core LGY/H05 wires 0,75 | Colors (variants) | per 10m

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The lowest price ( 18 July 2024 ): 1.80 

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*To order more types of colors at the same time - select a color, enter the quantity, and add to the cart, then select another color and repeat.

Single-core cables in PVC insulation, flexible cords.

We offer red, black, white, purple, brown, green, yellow, orange and yellow-green single-core LGY/H05V-K wires 0,75. Price per 10m.

Single-core cables are used for wiring switchboards and control cabinets and for laying inside devices. You can make them as well
use in dry rooms, on and under plaster, in insulating pipes.

CE: The product complies with the guidelines of the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.