Line Driver – converter of digital signals TTL/OC into differ. signals TTL

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 Line Driver is an Open Collector digital signal (5V and 24V), Push Pull (5V and 24V) signal and High-Transistor Logic (24V) signal converter into a differential signal (line drive type). So the primary converter task is to change 5V or 24V signal into a differential signal. The device is mostly used for retrofitting machines equipped with encoders or linear scales with OC, PP HTL output while a motion controller requires a differential signal. 

The  Line Driver also helps with devices not related to measuring systems. Sometimes you just need to send very fast 5V or 24V signals to a considerable distance in an environment with heavy noise.

Examples of use:

  • Change of encoder’s signal that has OC (open collector) output type into the differential signal.
  • Change of encoder’s signal that has Push-Pull output type into the differential signal.

Look also at:

Line Receiver – Universal converter of differential signals [TTL] into digital signals TTL or OC – a system that has exactly opposite functions – to change differential signal into TTL (5V) signal or OC (open collector) signal (GND control).

Matching both the systems (Line Driver + Line Receiver) you can send 5V or 24V signals over long distances using the differential signal which is highly resistant to interference. 


ikon-pdf  Line Driver Manual

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