The simple example here – shows the E-Stop signal connection to the CSMIO/IP-S controller and to the axis drives, using Pilz company safety relay (PNOZ X7 24V symbol). S1 is a reset button (safety relay switching on), S2 is an emergency stop. This module has one input, and due to it, all the alarm sources are connected to this input (A1). In addition to the mentioned emergency stop (S2) there are NC contacts – NC1 and NC2, which may be, i.e. opening sensors for the cover and the control cabinet. Moreover, there are drives’ FAULT signals connected in series. Two outputs of the safety relay were used as an E-Stop signal for the CSMIO/IP-S controller and axis drives. This combination assures the machine stops in case of failure on any axis (FAULT signals of the drives), by pressing emergency stop mushroom and opening of the cabinet or cover. Separation of the safety relay output channels gives double protection for the system and significantly increases the reliability of the entire system.



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