Incremental rotary encoder 2500 p/rev IHA3808

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Model IHA3808-102G-2500 ABZ1-5-L

What is the incremental encoder?
Model symbols
Prameters of the encoder
Technical specification
Electronical, mechanical data and signals
Technical drawing
Technical documentation

General Information

An incremental encoder is a rotary-pulse converter – a device whose main task is to measure angular displacements by counting pulses on a dividing disc, rotational speed and linear displacement. This sensor is responsible for the proper functioning of industrial automation drives, for example servo drives.
The MODEL: IHA3808-102G-2500ABZ1-5L Rotary incremental encoder with 8 mm through hole and a resolution of 10,000,000 pulses (all four edges are taken into account). A 1.95 m cable is included with the connector housing.

Model IHA3808-102G-2500 ABZ1-5-L symbols description

IHA38 08         – 102G       – 2500 ABZ 1         – 5 L
Series Hollow diameter 08= Ø 8mm G=Cable lead-out at side
(length 2 m)
Pulses P/R 2500
(2500 * 4 edges =10000)
 Output signal
Z-signal width 1:TZ= 1T Supply Voltage 5: SV DC Output Form
L: Line Driver 26LS31


Technical data

Electrical Specification









Output circuit Line driver output
Power Vcc 5±0.25
Current :5150mA
Load current 60mA
High-level output Min 3.4V
Low-level Output Max 0.4V
Rise Time Tr Max 200ns
Fall Time Tr Max 200ns
Max Responding Frequency 300kHz
Mechanical Specification
Max speed(r/mi n) Starting Torque Max. Shaft loading Shocking Vibration
6000 <0.05Nm Radial:50N, Axial:20N 50G/11-ms 1 OG 10-20001Hz
Rotor inertia Working Temperature Storage Temperature Protection Grade Weight
4*1 o-s Kgm 2 -30~85°C -35-95°C IP51 100g


Signal symbols

Signal A B Z À Ž VCC GND
Color Green White Yellow Brown Grey Orange Red Black


Dimension of the encoder