CHANGELOG – Plugin changes report



Mach4 plugin 3.501 Beta

000404 – The E-PID error occurring during spindle homing – removed.

Mach4 plugin 3.500


Mach4 plugin 3.412

Improvements to spindle positioning feature.

simCNC 3.410 / Mach4 plugin 3.410 

Patches and fixes for the reported bugs related to:

0000024: Network connection diagnostics – information about the time in case of connection break – corrections
0000081: Mach4 Screw Mapping
0000212: getAtributte(“axis… Referenced”) returns null to the first homing
0000217: Too long delay after calling d.waitForZeroVelocity()
0000222: Automatic recalculation of soft limit limits if necessary
0000231: No protection against giving an “id” to a widget with a space
0000251: Table of machine parameters – the capability to edit directly in the table
0000153: ‘IO Signal not assigned’ error when X-axis does not have MotionKit assigned
0000187: Fixed issue with displaying soft limit limits
0000191: Issues with refreshing the “Active Python Actions” window – the arc loss action (Plasma) does not disappear
0000206: No “Run script” option in “Output: returnPressed” for “LineEdit” widget
0000219: d.executeGCodeList( ) and d.executeGCode( ) fixes
0000224: Fixes in displaying current digital output states on simCNC screen
0000238: G10 and A-axis – works in radians instead of degrees
0000173: Changing the profile to the newly created one – does not reset the ESTOP signal configuration
0000188: Tool length displaying issue.
0000202: Issues with arcs when switching units from inches to metric
0000207: Issues with arithmetic operations on machine parameters
0000215: Issues with speed of an axis, e.g. the Z-axis when using an independent axis
0000221: Python does not wait for a motion function to finish and jumps to a next macro line.
0000228: Pausing simCNC work from the screen does not generate the actions “Trajectory Pause On” and “Trajectory Pause Off”
0000246: Smart Limits function added
0000179: JOG function from digital inputs added
0000189: Gcode run time calculation issue
0000204: Error in message for G04 P…
0000250: Memory leak in simCNC 3.406
0000214: CSMIO/IP-A issues with running autotuning in ‘alpha v3410’ version
0000120: CanOpen modules freeze when we connect it hot
0000248: Restarting the CSMIO/IP-S 3410 ‘alpha’ controller
0000264: GUI editor – the screen is not saved if after editing the widget you press immediately disable the editor – X
0000262: Function to remove messages from simCNC screen
0000258: Error assigning a value to a machine parameter
0000256: Add the ability to use a machine parameter as an offset number.
0000253: Error in keyboard capture with screen editor and script editor open
0000244: no message when there is no permission to modify a gcode file


  • German simCNC language version added
  • Added spindle axis positioning support (Mach4)
  • Refactoring and optimization of simCNC code and Mach4 plugin
  • widget.executeOutput method added
  • getLaserPowerCurve() fixed
  • waitForTrajectoryFinished() method added
  • enableMachine() fixed
  • Triple screen loading after losing connection and reconnecting – fixed
  • Highlighting the selected line in GCodeList – fixed
  • CSS styles for GCodeList
  • Fix – G10 with rotary axis

Important note!

SimCNC 3.410 release has a lot of internal improvements and despite our special efforts and an extremely long test period, there may be some minor inconveniences. For this reason, we have made the simCNC 3.406 offline version available, which, together with the previously made simCNC 3.406 profile copy, allows you to quickly return to the previous version. If so far you have not used simCNC 3.410, make a backup of the profile before installing it, because the simCNC 3.410 profile is incompatible with earlier versions of simCNC.

3.202 simCNC plugin (beta)

  • (simCNC) new options for file continuation up to a set line; the software now pays attention to a higher number of parameters and displays them for verification by a machine operator. 
  • (simCNC) correction – GUI slowdown after FRO change while calculating the path
  • (simCNC) correction – path calculating at G28/G30 with zero-length
  • (simCNC) correction – returning an exception through a script finished by the sys.exit(0)
  • (simCNC) – path time calculating on/off
  • (simCNC) – creating debug files when connection loss
  • (simCNC) – deleting debug files older than 31 days
  • (simCNC) – protection against a JOG negative step

3.202 Mach4 plugin

  • (Mach4) added support for SRO / FRO M48 M49 disabling (Mach release required >= 4385)
  • (Mach4) IO of CSMIO-MPG available to a user
  • (Mach4) correction – including ‘reverse’ flags for spindle ratio
  • (Mach4) new connection window, dynamic device list refresh added
  • (Mach4) correction – STEP signal negation settings were not saved

3.200 (applies to Mach4)

  • Communication module corrected
  • CSMIO/IP operation system updated
  • Probe protection feature corrected
  • JOG speed control via analog inputs feature added
  • Plugin and compiler libraries update
  • Adaptation to the latest version of the Mach4 SDK
  • Detailed communication diagnostics added in the plugin window
  • Performance improvements
  • The corrected function of default settings of CSMIO/IP controller for a profile
  • Added option to retry connection in case it was broken
  • Corrections of fixes in plugin XML configuration saving module
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • (Mach4) Protection against MPG activation during homing
  • (CSMIO) The ride back off the switch during homing was slowed down
  • (CSMIO) Unknown index error during homing after 1 instead of 2 motor revs
  • (Common) Limitation of reject and warning area of an index respectively up to 20% and 30%
  • (simCNC) Normalization of configuration for reject and warning area of an index – the value multiplied by 2 (to indicate the entire area before and after the index) and displayed as [%]
  • (simCNC) Button for controller data copying to clipboard (used for license issuing)
  • (Common) An encoder index input configuration in grey and hardcoded for CSMIO/IP-A
  • (Mach4) The error of soft limits on/off ignoring when a motion controller is activated – removed
  • (Mach4) Support for MPG Inhibit input
  • (simCNC) The  currently executed segment is displayed in the middle of the g-code list
  • (Common) IO ports filtering and only the ‘permitted’ are displayed at configuration of individual signals
  • (Common) Units displayed at parameters settings (mm, degrees, inches, %, etc.)
  • (simCNC) Material bases naming added.
  • (simCNC) Removed error of slowing down to zero before a segment is finished.
  • (simCNC) Information of an error in MDI line added.
  • (simCNC) Python function – stopDbgGraph() added
  • (Common) Correction of DAC offset manual adjusting. 
  • (Mach4) Correction of the error at launching Mach4 when not all channels of a CSMIO-ENC module were 


  • (simCNC) Trajectory optimizer correction.
  • (simCNC) A 3D view moving correction.
  • (simCNC) Added protection against starting trajectory from G2/G3
  • (simCNC) Highly accelerated optimization.


  • (simCNC) Python corrections (macOS)
  • (simCNC) Trajectory optimizer correction


  • (simCNC) Homing interruption blocked the chance to re-activate axis homing.
  • (simCNC) Shortcuts in the context menu for  standard projection of the 3D view
  • (simCNC) New GUI of Python scripts editor.
  • (simCNC) Correction of C axis unplanned move at some Python commands.
  • (simCNC) JOG mode selection improved (stepper /constant)
  • (simCNC) Correction of necessity to double-click a widget if the JOG checkbox from a keyboard is enabled.
  • (simCNC) Tool length measurement script added (tested)
  • (simCNC) Correction of a CV disabling angle configuration. 
  • (Mach4) Registers of a selected axis and MPG step added. 
  • (Mach4) Registers of current data readout from motion kits feedback channels. 
  • (Mach4) Registers of encoder angle readout for a CSMIO-ENC module.


  • Correction of the first step  of  MPG (the function of equalizing to a full step removed )
  • (Mach4) Removed the wrong message about the incorrect setup of spindle motor revs.
  • (FPGA IPS) Correction of incorrect homing and probing at input inversion.
  • (Mach4) Correction of random PID faults after probing. 
  • (Mach4) Correction of Mach4 inputs states setting error. The error caused e.g. no possibility to move axes and warning about active hardware limit even though Mach diagnostics showed Limit states as not active. Plugin at the moment updates inputs states several times so Mach can notice it properly. 
  • (Mach4) Correction of incorrect assignment of a motor to axes.


New features:

  • axis type (linear/rotary)
  • homing order
  • protection against entering incorrect Lift up angle and CV stop angle values
  • Python functions of message boxes display 


  • values of rotary axes shown in degrees ( before in  radians)
  • python: goToXY function removed
  • python goTo and goToAbsolute functions have now one argument (6-elements list)
  • tester efficiency improved
  • master motion kit deleted, axis set as disable

Bugs corrected:

  • work offset for a tangent axis
  • the tester for a rotary axis now properly shows vel, acc and jerk 
  • motion kit configuration, position counter reset improved


OLDER (Archive)

2016-12-12 v2.910

  • M10, M11 support, other minor corrections

2016-02-11 v2.851

  • Corrections and improvements

2015-07-29 v2.703

  • Correction of an error which was preventing spindle M3 and  M4 signals configuration in CSMIO-IO modules
  • Added protection in case if threading speed exceeds axis parameters defined in motor-tuning
  • Significantly improved  synchronization during threading, from now on less place is needed for “run-up”
  • CSMIO/IP plugin settings access is blocked if Mach3 is protected by a password
  • Some settings options are now in grey according to used options for better transparency.
  • CSMIO/IP-A autotuning correction – elimination of rapid axis acceleration when PID value is close to zero.
  • Spindle positioning delay added so the drives which need more time for reset would make it go to readiness state.
  • Anti-dive function for THC added
  • Getting to E-Stop state if axis DAC settings were changed. Without it, there was the last voltage value left on an unused channel.
  • Spindle position deleting after getting readiness to avoid jerking during PID controller launching.
  • Correction of an error that could cause lack of the last digital output state readout.
  • Alarms for incorrect power voltage for 24V and 5V added in a simDrive diagnostic window.
  • CSMIO/IP data structure adjusted for correct information exchange with 64-bit software.
  • CSMIO/IP data structure changed for more precise speed transmission.
  • [Mach4] the project update to the recent environment (Visual Studio 2008 -> Visual Studio 2013)
  • [Mach4] correction of an error causing unnecessary slave axis position displaying as a common A, B or C axis
  • [Mach4] backlash compensation support added

2015-01-15 v2.603

  • Voltage measurement calibration correction on analog inputs for CSMIO/IP-A FP4 and CSMIO/IP-S FP4

2014-12-09 v2.602

  • Correction – some configuration parameters available only for IP-A were displayed even when IP‑M or IP-S was connected.

2014-12-03 v2.601

  • On very old CSMIO-IP-S controllers there could be problems with some LEDs on the front panel. The problem was solved with 2.601 firmware version.

 2014-11-27 v2.600

  • Firmware adapted to CSMIO/IP-A FP4
  • Small corrections in ethernet connection module
  • CAN updates capability error correction
  • New capability to set offset of DAC +/-10V output for spindle control in open loop (IP-A)
  • GUI corrections for spindle settings in open loop (IP-A)
  • Motion smoothness improvements when using MPG
  • DAC +/-10V (IP-A)analog outputs preview added in a Plugin Control window
  • Encoder error counters added (IP-A FP4)

 2014-10-24 v2.500

  • Safety element during homing on index added – if index signal doesn’t appear within two (2) motor revs – E-Stop will be activated.
  • OpenDigFile() function causes probe results to save (G31/M31) to a text file in „C:\” root directory.
  • Digital filters and hysteresis in analog inputs added, so the velocity pulsing effect when FRO/SRO is adjusted with potentiometer will be eliminated
  • Warning about the machine not homed in autotuning if soft limit is enabled
  • M31 function for CSMIO/IP-M and CSMIO/IP-A improved
  • G31/M31 function improved (an error at „Legacy Home Offset” enable was eliminated)
  • Since now on the analog inputs of CSMIO-MPG module are available in USER-DRO 1504 and 1505
  • Warning added about spindle encoder incorrect counting direction.
  • Added capability of spindle positioning on request from VB macro – plugin notify 10105 (in DRO 1511 enter positioning angle)
  • A capability of +/-10V spindle control for CSMIO/IP-A (open-loop operation)
  • Additional notification window for possible rigid tapping errors.
  • Rigid tapping function fault corrected (it caused E-Stop activation when spindle braking lasted too long)
  • Relative motion mode (by default) added in a PID tuning window for CSMIO/IP-A.
  • Since now on the „Save” button doesn’t close configuration window but only saves settings into the XML file.
  • The information added about unsaved changes in plugin settings.
  • Slave axis settings are more clear now as options common with master axis are disabled.
  • Functions of encoder channels and DAC assignment to an axis in CSMIO/IP-A – improved
  • Extended remote anonymous diagnostic
  • Added capability of diagnostic deactivation in plugin settings
  • Since now on creating a new profile – the „probe protection” function is enabled by default
  • Notification window added if „probe protection” function will stop a machine
  • THC blocking if there is no torch signal and if there is no motion in the XY plane.
  • According to customers requests – absolutely new function of THC analog mode – added.
  • Slave axis function for CSMIO/IP-M enable (basic features without gantry geometry correction)
  • Upgrade of the controller operation system
  • Extended CAN diagnostic for simDrive™ servo drives added (remote diagnostic and diagnostic in Plugin control window)
  • Support for new versions of the controllers
  • An internal ramp of acceleration and deceleration of a spindle added in plugin settings, it improves spindle PID regulator operation significantly.
  • Correction of a fault which caused that JOG buttons weren’t working in spindle PID regulator tuning window (CSMIO/IP-A)
  • CSMIO/IP-M – a bridge added for communication with simDrive™ servo drives for csServoManager application (connection via Ethernet and CAN)
  • Communication improvements in Ethernet-CAN bridge for simDrive™ servo drives

2014-02-13 v2.200

  • (CSMIO/IP-M)  incorrect sign at G31 measurement value if axis was as ‘reversed’
  • Correction of a fault – it was impossible to switch off soft limits for rotary axis during MPG control
  • MPG Feedrate – since now it is impossible to set it over the feedrate defined in motor tuning. Limitation implemented.
  • MPG feed step was incorrectly displayed – the value is currently correct.
  • If there was no signal on probe G31 after a motion was finished gave ‘0’ for each axes in GetVar. Since now on it gave coordinates from G31
  • For axes with no home signal configured,  at ‘set axes to ‘0’ on reset’  option disabled there were homing errors and soft-limit couldn’t be used. The problem was fixed.
  • Small corrections in CAN communication.
  • For CAN communication error since now on there is ID displayed of the module which caused machining stop.
  • G-code blocking error during THC motion – fixed.

2013-12-20 v2.100

  • probing through macro added (e.g. M31) as there were problems with G31 e.g. when called from g-code
  • incorrect display of axis output channel if axis did not have a channel assigned (improvement)
  • LED test added after power start
  • analog output disable when communication loss
  • an error which caused that after Mach was closed when information about connection brake was displayed, the task of Mach left and the program could not be restarted.
  • in windows XP – administrator rights information deleted
  • MPG error removed which caused that without ENABLE button after turning an encoder with an axis disable and next after selecting an axis a machine was moving unexpectedly on some distance.
  • MPG speed change. Currently, MPG Feedrate = 100% corresponds to speed from motor tuning.
  • JOG function problem deleted in PID Tuning window (CSMIO-IP-A), when JOG speed is controlled with a potentiometer.
  • Error that caused the possibility to activate – for fraction of a second – HV output and the analog output of a spindle even when Mach3 was in RESET mode (removed)
  • Error that caused the possibility to activate – for fraction of a second –  a digital output of spindle control when Mach3 was in RESET mode (removed)
  • additional MPG resolution range added: 0.0001 / 0.001 / 0.01
  • added protection against setting an axis 4/5/6 in MPG to control the feed rate/spindle when axis 4/5/6 is enabled in Mach3.
  • CAN communication in encoder module improvement

 2013-08-07 v2.051

  • Possibility to set the original (LPT) Home Offset function  (config plugin/Special Functions/Other/Legacy HomeOffset)
  • Probing faults corrections
  • Correction of a fault causing spindle slowing down before threading (G32)
  • Collision with tool length sensor – saving to log
  • A fault appearing when G32 wasn’t  preceded by G0/G1 command – fixed
  • Administrator rights checking during launching
  • New software uploader version, more automated installer
  • Improvements for lost connection reconnecting
  • Correction of a fault causing slave axis old configuration deletion when software was updated from an earlier version.
  • STOP function improvements, in earlier version there was a delay before the axes were stopped.

 2013-05-28 v2.030

  • Correction for tool length measuring probe protection  (probe protection) – it was impossible to completely disable the function

2013-05-14 – 2.010 version Update  for /IP-S, /IP-A/IP-M  (plugin & firmware)

  • Corrected: fault causing position resetting of axis with slave axis assigned in case of configuration change.
  • Rewritten MPG support
  • Z-Inhibit support for motion in manual mode – can be set in such way to protect work table against collision with a tool. (if tool length offset was entered correct)
  • Improved support for hardware limits. If LIMIT switch is active, motion in the same direction is blocked, you can only drive off the limit.
  • Tool measurement sensor secured. While collision – machine stops immediately.
  • Completely rewritten THC support. Correction value is on standard DRO and THC move is possible even when machine is at rest (IDLE)
  • Lathe threading functions improvements – better stability
  • Homing on encoder INDEX for CSMIO/IP-S (incl. index pulse width = 20us)
  • “sticking” for values about 100% for federate and spindle revs correction.  (if controlled by analog inputs)
  • Configurable digital input, that switches correction source: CSMIO AIN or Mach
  • Elimination of short DIR pulses for CSMIO/IP-S and IP-M causing position faults on lower class drives.
  • New algorithm for STEP/DIR signal generation in IP-S. Increased resistance to interferences and better stability in case of cheaper/slow drives.
  • ArbahDSP servo drives diagnostic via CanOPEN
  • Possible communication between plugin and our CS-Lab server – remote system diagnostic
  • Corrected error of program stopping when G31 command was in a file and not in a macro.
  • Correction related to soft-limits for rotary axes when they shorten a path in G0 moves
  • Backlash compensation improvements
  • Possibility to use analog input as a reference to THC (function in beta version)
  • Rigid tapping function added (IP-A and IP-S + CSMIO-ENC)
  • CANOpen improvements – fault could cause breaking communication with modules
  • Configurable, interference-suppression digital filter on input signals
  • Spindle support via STEP/DIR channel or +/-10V (IP-S and IP-A)
  • Encoder’s Home and Limit switch distance monitoring while homing on index
  • Added ability to turn off the position counters automatic reset in IP-M and IP-S
  • Spindle positioning while turning off (IP-S and IP-A, when spindle works in axis mode)
  • Spindle revs PID tuner – added (IP-S and IP-A)
  • Spindle revs actual measurement function with INDEX signal – added (IP-S and IP-A)
  • Fault input support for spindle – added
  • Added function for emergency stop in case of communication brake with CAN modules
  • Numerous corrections and code optimization that have positive impact on efficiency and stability of controllers work.

2012-08-14 – 1.600a version Update  for /IP-S, /IP-A <test version> (plugin & firmware)

2012-07-31 – 1.500a version Update  for /IP-S <test version> (plugin & firmware)

  • Error corrected that coused axis position resetting with slave axis assigned if there were changes in configuration.
  • Rewrited MPG support – errors corrected so the motion is even smoother.
  • Z-Inhibit support at manual mode motion – it can be set this way to protect working tabley against collision with a tool (if tool length offset is correct)
  • Hardware limits support improved. If LIMIT switch is active, same direction motion is blocked – it is only possible to drive off the LIMIT.
  • Tool measurement sensor protection. If collision – machine stops immediately.
  • Completely rewrited THC support – correction value is on standard DRO, THC motion is possible even with idle machinery (IDLE)
  • Inistially added support for CanOPEN comunication with ArbahDSB servodrives (by CS-Lab)  – diagnostics and axis load preview – lack of GUI in the plugin yet.
  • Threading function improved – inceased stability


—- Possible that successively there will be next test versions

—- Full version will have 2.0 naumber

—- Planned release of the full version –  August 2012

—- For full release there is lack of:

  • Homing on encoder’s INDEX for CSMIO-IP-S also at slave axes
  • GUI for ArbahDSP servodrives diagnostic through CanOPEN (key values will also be in user-DRO)
  • Possible plugin communication with our server – remote system  diagnostics
  • Fault correction – stop during program if G31 is in file istead of macro
  • Correction according to soft-limits for rotary axes if they shorten the way in G0
  • Backlash compensation funcion improved
  • Possibility to use analog output as a reference  to THC
  • Hysteresis (adhesion) near 100% value for feed correction and spindle rev. (if they are controlled with analog inputs)
  • Possibility to configure a digital input, which will switch correction sources In.Analog / Mach

2011-05-30 – 1.350 version Update for /IP-S, /IP-M, /IP-A (plugin & firmware)

  • Poprawiona inicjalizacja plugin’a, błąd występował gdy Mach był w innym katalogu niż ‘C:\Mach3\’
  • Poprawka do bazowania dla CSMIO/IP-M (błędna korekcja przy osi z flagą ‘reversed’)
  • Dodane bazowanie z wykorzystaniem indexu dla CSMIO/IP-S
  • Poprawki w transmisji CANOpen
  • Dodana obsługa modułu enkoderowego wrzeciona (CSMIO/IP-A / CSMIO/IP-S)
  • Funkcja gwintowania G32 dla tokarki (CSMIO/IP-A / CSMIO/IP-S)
  • Dodana możliwość zerowania pozycji absolutnych poprzez DRO
  • Obsługa kasacji luzów (backlash)
  • Dodana możliwość konfiguracji przypisania kanałów wyjściowych STEP/DIR do osi
  • Poprawki do modułu MPG
  • Longer Watchdog transmission (with some Wizard’ach transmission was being broke)
  • Poprawka do trybu THC (błąd przy osiach z flagą ‘reversed’)
  • Poprawiona konfiguracja polaryzacji STEP dla CSMIO/IP-M

2011-04-18 – 1.210 version Update for /IP-S, /IP-M (plugin & firmware)

  • Correction on THC fault at the moment when Z axis have had “reversed” parameter active

2012-03-01 – 1.201 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • Support for “reserved” axis improved

2013-02-15 – 1.200 First version for CSMIO/IP-M (plugin & firmware)

  • Support for “reserved” axis improved

2011-11-30 – 1.200 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • From now on AIN inputs of MPG Module and 4-6 MPG axes can also be the sources of FRO and SRO.
  • FRO and SRO analog controlled are controlled in increments 5%
  • MPG module outputs are signalling an E-Stop (flashing) or MPG mode after pressing the enable (it lights continuously)
  • Limited e-stop reset number after configuration (from now on it’s only after editing in the “Ports and Pins”)
  • MPG module update (new module version v1.1)

 2011-10-13 – 1.100 version Update for /IP-S  (plugin & firmware)

  • Watchdog improved while FPGA programming, in some special cases an error could cause remaining in boot loader while controller launching;
  • Another small changes for using MPG (acceleration exactly equal to the settings in the MotorTuning)

 2011-09-26 – 1.082 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • Small changes in MPG module after customers suggestions

2011-09-20 – 1.081 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • Changes of motion algorithms while MPG controlling
  • Multiplier selection added in the configuration (x1,x10,x100 or x10,x100,x1000)
  • Digital filtering added on the lines defined as FAULT of the drives

2011-09-09 – 1.08 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • CSMIO-IO v1.03 module operating added
  • CSMIO-IO  – operating and detection of short cicrcuits on the outputs added.
  • Going to E-STOP mode if there is overload found on CSMIO-IO outputs (configurable)
  • This version starting there is possibility to polarize the STEP outputs (Config/Ports and Pins)

2011-07-21 – 1.079 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • CSMIO-IO v1.02 module operating added

2011-05-24 – 1.075 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • Connections rejecting if Mach3 is already connected.
  • The lower network layer completely redesigned and optimized.

2011-05-20 – 1.071 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • Network communication improvements.

2011-04-16 – 1.07 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • Menagement of axes and changed direction rebulid, cleared code which facilitate further extension.
  • Correction of error that caused temprary switching of HV output while Mach3 launching.
  • Homing offset added – after homing the axis can go with desired distance (Config/Homing/Limits) and at this point only the absolute 0 is set.
  • LIMIT Override operating corrected.
  • Correction of slave axes operating, elimination of error of continuous movement of slave axis if during negative correction it went on HOME sensor again.
  • “No correction” and “Read index diff.” mode launching on the slave axes. The first one causes homing with no corection, however it is required to give HOME signal for aech axis, pin and port can be the same. “Read index diff.” is for preliminary reading of the HOME position difference for master and slave axes. After homing, having this mode on, the position difference is entered automatically in millimeters in the text box -“Slave correction” (plugin’s configuration window)
  • Faster and smoother correction of the position while homing by using new trajectory planner function.
  • C:\CSMIO-IP-S.log file has size limit now – up to 1MB.

2011-04-07 – 1.06 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • Corrections and improvements of autonomous CSMIO-MPG module operating.
  • Complete rebuild of control algorithms of transmission correctness and errors transmission and correction in the network comunication.
  • Homing and Limit PINs can be on the same signals, namely e.g. Homing can work as Limit at the same time – after homing is finished. (On “Config/General Config”  the “Homing Sw. Safety” option must be on). When “Homing Sw. Safety” option is off homing is possible even if the axis is already on the HOME switch off.
  • The possibility to connect the controller again with no necessity to close Mach3 program, e.g. in case if the power was turned off or LAN wire was temporarily disconnected.

2011-03-20 – 1.05 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • Autonomous MPG manual encoder operating. (requires CSMIO-JOG module). The controller automatically switches between speed and position mode, what ensures operating smoothnness  and comfort like in machining centers.
  • minor corrections and optimalizations

2010-12-14 – 1.01 version Update for /IP-S (plugin & firmware)

  • THC operating added (the burner high regulation) for oxygene and plasma cutting machines.
  • Homing function improved.
  • Fully stable slave axis function, up to three simultaneously working slave axes for X,Y,Z axes.
  • The possibility to set machin geometry with slave axis
  • Soft-limit function corrections
  • Monitoring of transmission,  stopping the JOG, PROBE, HOMING functions in case of comunication brake.
  • Operating of CSMIO-IO via CAN


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