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Paramètres drive Delta/Csmio ips

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I would like to purchase a set of Delta servo motors. However, as this is a big investment, I want to make sure that I have everything I need to implement these products. I am using a CSMIO IPS board.
I would like to know the configuration of the ASD-A2 version 0721Mdriver to work with the card. The machine will be equipped with Delta750 watt or 1kw motors from the same series.

here the manual: 4641334_1_DELTA_IA-ASDA_A2_UM_EN_20201209.pdf

For the wiring, I found an example already shared by CS LAB; but on the Delta software, many possibilities are offered. Impossible for me to understand how to configure to work with CSMIO

Best regards


Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly what you need to do, I can only give you a hint.

You have to :
- put the Delata drive in position mode
- configure the speed and position PID loop
- configure the electronic gear for an encoder output so that the output generates 2000 pulses per revolution.
This is required for the correct operation of homing with the use of the index signal (the length of the index pulse is extended so that the controller can easily notice it).

If my suggestions are not enough, please contact Delta Support.


Like many of us, I am not a programmer, and what we appreciate a lot at CSLAB is the support; Many examples, answers to questions about CSMIO and SIMCNC allow us to understand that our job is quite different, either to build low cost but quality machines or to maintain in good condition older machines.
I am a carpenter and thanks to this help I have been able to successfully retrofit my AXYZ CNC.

Now I want to finalize this project by changing the motors, I know perfectly well that DELTA support will answer us incomprehensible things like those of the supports of the various software that we must use.
So I am careful, hence my questions and the study of the instructions and Delta software in order to be sure not to end up with a broken CNC, instead of an improved one. The Delta software is very complex and very complete, so I can't buy the servos and motors without a minimum of explanation beforehand, it would not be reasonable, especially since the prices you sent me show a very big investment.

You answer me by telling me what I have to do, but that does not allow me to know how to do it; a concrete example would help us and would certainly help other people. In France we discuss a lot about CSMIO and SIM CNC on the forums, thanks to this we have been able to put tool changers into service and optimize our machines.

On the other hand, it is impossible to find people who know about Delta drivers and motors, concerning the settings. That's why we really need your help.

- configure the speed and position PID loop, what does this consist of?

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

My answer was not meant to put you off but only to point you in the direction you need to follow based on the Delta drive manual.
In the manual for the Delta drive, the manufacturer described everything step by step and included important warnings and notes.
Starting the drives is not complicated, but explaining this process in a few understandable posts is impossible.
The point is that my posts are no substitute for the manual or inquisitiveness.

Feel free to ask if you have a specific question, get stuck, or have a problem. We will try to help.

Oh you know, I've been reading the manual for 3 weeks, it's a good sleeping pill!
Probably for you, because of your profession, all this is very understandable, I am a carpenter, almost all this is incomprehensible.

Many of the settings seem to be a stand-alone operation, without a controller like the CSMIO.
For the servos of your brand, you talk about downloading a configuration example; my question was: is there an example (basic settings) suitable for a CNC for Delta ASDA2 series. Without it I'm afraid I'll have to abandon this Delta project.
It's a pity because when you send us screenshots with parameterization indications (for example for SIM CNC you do it regularly), we just have to follow the indications and globally everything goes well.

this question is accurate: - configure the speed and position PID loop, what does this consist of?

why is it necessary to set these parameters since they are already set in SIM CNC setting; for me this is not logical or there are basic values to indicate when using CSMIO, but which ones?


Best regards

>> my question was: is there an example (basic settings) suitable for a CNC for Delta ASDA2 series.         

Unfortunately not.
You reminded me of something with this question.

A long time ago, I was running a Delta A2 drive, I used the settings file from the Delta B2 drive to initialize them. The Delta A2 and B2 drive settings files have identical content (same data registers and register numbers). Unfortunately, the Delta diagnostic software does not allow you to load a B2 file into the A2 drive. I manually rewrote the values of the B2 drive registers to the A2 drive registers. I did it by opening two diagnostic software simultaneously. In one, I opened the B2 file, and in the other the A2.

As far as I remember, the A2 drive started without problems, and I could move it with simCNC. Of course, I had to adjust the PID velocity and position settings later.


>> why is it necessary to set these parameters since they are already set in SIM CNC setting

In the case of the CSMIO/IP-M and CSMIO/IP-S controllers, the position and velocity PID loop are configured in a drive, not in simCNC.

In the case of the CSMIO/IP-A controller, velocity PID loop are configured in servo drives, and position PID loop in simCNC.

The values of the position and velocity PID regulator settings are selected individually for each axis separately because each axis has a different inertia and static resistance. Preset PID regulators can be used, but they will only provide the ability to check that the axes operate at low speeds and low dynamics.

Only after setting the appropriate values for the position and velocity PID regulators, the servo drive can operate quickly, dynamically, and with low deviation.

If you want to know exactly what the process of tuning the PID regulator is all about, you should reach for Internet resources. Go to YT and enter the phrase "PID controller tuning," and you will see many videos devoted to this topic.


Link to the settings file and schematic for the DELTA B2 drive for comparison.





Can you explain me where in Delta soft,  i found the windows for PID setting? and Homing setting?

>> Can you explain me where in Delta soft,  i found the windows for PID setting?

>> and Homing setting?

The homing function on the index signal is not set in the Delta drive. The Index signal by the Delta drive is hardware generated based on the index pulse of an encoder output. The only thing that needs to be changed is to reduce the number of pulses per revolution of this encoder output using the electronic gear of an encoder output. This reduction extends the index signal and makes it more visible to the CSMIO/IP-S controller.

Parameter numbers for the electronic gear can be found in the manual, and you can change them in this window:


This way I understand much faster, thank you.

when I look at your diagrams, I notice that you do not use the same inputs to connect Delta A2 as on Delta B3; for the first one you use H SIGN, H PULSE and for the second SIGN, PULSE.
Which parameter and which parameter number to set corresponds to this change in the DELTA servo.
Why the difference, speed, precision? H Pulse does not exist on B2?

In fact, apart from the pid and gear, what are the other parameters to be set so that the CSMIO card communicates correctly with the ASD-A2M servo



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