Mach4 Industrial CNC control software by ArtSoft Newfangled Solutions

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The Mach4 Industrial license will be sent in e-mail - enter your PCID into the COMMENTS area (in the next stages of the online store form). If you don´t enter your PC ID, we will send you a unique registration code so you can get your Mach4Hobby license as soon as you′re ready from the ArtSoft Newfangled Solutions website.

Mach4 Industrial CNC software
Description of Mach4 by ArtSoft
Mach4 Industrial software features
Mach4 Industrial and Hobby - comparison
How to get the license?
Purchasing a Mach4 license.
Download Mach4 Industrial software and manuals
Mach4 and CSMIO/IP
Compatibility with CSMIO/IP controllers

Mach4 CNC software by ArtSoft

Mach4 CNC is the newest version of CNC motion control software by ArtSoft Newfangled Solutions. CSMIO/IP firmware plug-in allows Mach4 to communicate with CSMIO/IP controllers.

Mach4 is completely new software and has less than 1% of the programming code in common with Mach3. It was written from the ground up to be expandable, flexible, and extremely responsive for use with extensive files. While there was only one version of Mach3, Mach4 will be offered in different versions (not including the many customized OEM versions).

[source: http://www.machsupport.com/software/mach4/]


Standard Version Features Mach3 Mach4 Hobby Mach4 Industrial
Number of Planners 1 1 1
Number of Axis 6 6 6
Out of Band Axis (OBA) 0 1 6
Slave axis (uses up coordinated axes) 3 N/A N/A
Slave motors (does not use up coordinated axes) N/A 4 per Axis 4 per Axis
API Interface – Open to All Hardware Yes Yes Yes
Extended Plugin Support Yes Yes Yes
User customizable GUI Yes Yes Yes
Unified (GUI) Interface – PLC, CNC, etc..   Yes Yes
Unlimited IO Yes Yes Yes
Modbus PLC Yes Yes Yes
PMC (Ladder Logic addressing for cnc/plc)   Yes Yes
Unlimited File Size   Yes Yes
Tool Path Display Yes Yes Yes
Tool Path Speed & Quality Low High High
Scripting – Customization Yes Yes Yes
LUA Scripting – simple, fast, cross-platform   Yes Yes
– Lua sockets (ftp, http, smtp,..)   Yes Yes
– SSL (security layer)   Yes Yes
– LFS (manage large files and data storage)   Yes Yes
– Seriel port   Yes Yes
– Enraving of part numbers / serial numbering of parts   Yes Yes
– Plugin panel objects   Yes Yes
IPC Library for Data Sharing/tracking (Interprocess communication)   Yes Yes
Full Feature Screens/Controls Per Machine Type   Yes Yes
Currently Availabe: Mill, Router, Lathe, 3d Printer   Yes Yes
Multiple gcode Interpruters (Per Machine Type)   Yes Yes
Probing – Intergrated in standard screens   Yes Yes
Simulated 3d Machining (with additional plugin license)   Yes Yes
Tool Life Management (G10 L3 command)     Yes
Screw Mapping     Yes
Professional Screen Designer (advanced G.U.I.)     Yes
– Screen Animation Control     Yes
– Screen Integrated Tool Table Control     Yes
– Screen Integrated Work Offset Control     Yes
– Screen Integrated gcode editor     Yes
– Screen Artsoft Wizard Package Integration     Yes
Macro B gcode Programming (#variables)     Yes
– User definable gcodes via marco calls     Yes
– Macro Calls: G65, G66, G66.1     Yes
– gcode via marco call (custom G codes via macro B)     Yes
– mcode via macro call (custom M codes via macro B)     Yes
– mcode via sub code (custom M code via sup program)     Yes
– Conditional gcodes     Yes
– set VN call – define variable names     Yes
gcode Editor Included     Yes
Scripted M code (custom M code via LUA script)   Yes Yes
Variable Speed Spindle Yes Yes Yes
Spindle Relay Yes Yes Yes
Coolant relay Yes Yes Yes
Mist Relay Yes Yes Yes
Threading Yes Yes Yes
Rigid Tapping Yes Yes Yes
Single Block Yes Yes Yes
Block Delete Yes Yes Yes
Optional Stop Yes Yes Yes
Cutter Comp Yes Yes Yes
Fanuc Type C Cutter Comp   Yes Yes
Fixture Offsets Yes Yes Yes
G51 Scaling Yes Yes Yes
G92 Offsets Yes Yes Yes
G52 Offsets Yes Yes Yes
Event Driven   Yes Yes
Multi Line MDI   Yes Yes
Subs In MDI   Yes Yes
OpenGL Optimization   Yes Yes
Multi-platform OS Compatibility Option   Yes Yes
Available to End Users as “Do-it-yourself” Yes Yes  

Summary – Mach3 versus Mach4 :
Mach4 Hobby is the closest comparable version to Mach3, yet it is still much more advanced. The price point of these versions is nearly identical. Mach3 is very popular for hobby enthusiest and is used in highly modified form by some great OEM’s. In general, Mach4 is more complex than Mach3 and follows cnc industry standards. Mach3 has many customizations to make it easier for hobby users, but can lead to difficulties if users plan to apply their knowledge to more advanced systems.

How to get the license?

To have a full version of Mach4 software, you have to buy the license. CS-Lab is an authorized distributor of ArtSoft Mach4. You will find more detailed info about the software on www.machsupport.com.

The Mach4 license file is sent in e-mail after entering the ID of a computer – PCID (on which the software will be used) in the “comments” area (in order form). If you don’t know your ID right now, that’s okay. You will get a special “Registration code,” which entitles you to get your Mach4 license from the manufacturer’s website as soon as you know your computer’s ID. If you want to transfer the license to another computer, you will receive a new license assigned to a new ID. The buyer can have up to 5 active licenses.

To download Mach4 software and manuals go to Download tab below.

Downloading the Mach4 Industrial software

CS-Lab is an authorized distributor of ArtSoft Mach4. You will find more detailed info about the software on www.machsupport.com.

Plugin 3.500 is only compatible with Mach4 version
Using a newer version of Mach4 may cause issue.

Mach4 Industrial_Installer-

  CSMIO/IP- A and Mach4 axis tuning quickguide



CSMIO Plugin for Mach4

In the DOWNLOAD section, you will find the firmware v3 and its updates for CSMIO/IP (FP4) controllers and Mach4. Keep track of the section, as plugin updates will be released following the next improvements. Remember that MACH4 (as well as simCNC software) is supported only by CSMIO/IP controllers with the FP4 version (on sale since 2015).

  CSMIO/IPv3 Installation and Configuration Guide

CSMIO/IP v3 is firmware designed with our best knowledge and many years of experience. The current version is optimized for modern floating-point unit microprocessors in CSMIO/IP controllers (FP4 model), new CSMIO/IP controller models, and new PC software versions such as Mach4. It provides better flexibility and allows further development of CS-Lab’s products.

We’ve improved STEP signal max. frequency (up to 10 MHz) and the frequency of position regulator operation from 1kHz up to 2kHz. The improved position regulator algorithm also makes CSMIO/IP trajectory more accurate, even at high dynamics.

We are still working on the firmware, and particular caution is required. CS-Lab is not responsible for any damages caused during firmware tests.

The update from firmware v2 (for Mach3) to the v3 version (for simCNC and Mach4)  is reversible. It means you can return to the older version anytime you need. For that, you should update your CSMIO/IP controller using a file with older firmware, e.g., 2.910, and follow further instructions.

Dear customers,

If you plan to use a CSMIO/IP controller with Mach4, please be aware that we are still improving the V3 plugin for Mach4. Our software developers implement new features and improvements to make your work easier, better, and more accurate. Thank you for your continued support.

CS-Lab Team



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