What are CNC accessories?

CNC accessories are a group of various devices serving as additional supplies for CNC machines. Among them there are encoders, line drivers and receivers, DIN rail power supplies, DIN rail connectors, converters of digital signals, as well as other accessories such as stack lights or wires.

The best CNC accessories

CS-Labs offers only the best CNC accessories renowned for their high quality and performance. Each of the accessories available in the shop are highly useful for every specialist in the field of industrial automation and CNC machinery.


Encoders are devices which are used to convert the offset and angular position into an electrical signal. They make it possible to accurately measure important distances, which increases efficiency of the automation of production processes. In CS-Lab Shop there are two types of encoders available:

Line drivers / Line receivers

CS-Lab offers its clients line drivers that convert digital signals TTL/OC into differential signals TTL, and line receivers that convert differential signals TTL into digital signals TTL/OC. Matching the line driver with the line receiver allows to send 5V or 24V signals over long distances using the differential signal which is highly resistant to interference.

DIN rail power supplies

Clients of CS-Lab can choose from three models of DIN rail power supplies by MeanWell – MDR-20-24 (24V/1A), MDR-60-24 (24V/2,5A), and MDR-100-24 (24V/4A). This type of CNC accessories is a switched strip power supply used to power measuring circuits in the industrial automation. Presented models contain features such as universal AC input/full range, cooling by free air convection, and built-in DC OK active signal among others. The manufacturer offers 3 years warranty for their products.

DIN rail connectors

CS-Lab provides its clients with various types of DIN rail connectors terminal blocks equipped with ribbon wires – DB25, DB25 + DB9, and DB25 + DB25 + DB9 – which protect electrical systems from short-circuiting as well as overcurrent, and are used to preserve relays and sensors.

Converter of digital signals

A converter of digital signals can be used for galvanic separation system, voltage adjustment system and polarization reversing system of a control signal. In CS-Lab Shop’s assortment there are two types of universal converter of digital signals with opto-isolation available – one with a 5V, and another with 24V input voltage.

Other accessories

CS-Lab offers its clients also other CNC accessories, such as:

  • power divider, equipped with a LED diode to indicate the presence of power, to divide 24 VDC logic power,

  • stack lights Signal Tower 24V. Folded with Sound, which is a folded LED warning tower with red-yellow-green signal lights and a buzzer to indicate a state of the CNC machine,

  • bridge rectifier single-phase,

  • slim relay, which is used to provide currency efficiency that cannot be delivered by digital output of servo drives,

  • cable for differential step/dir signal transfer,

  • metal housing male plugs, both DB25 and DB9.

CS-Lab provides its clients only with products that are known for their excellent workmanship and reliability, and are great value for money.